Accidents, malfunctions, and shortcomings

The technical systems on the structures and within the buildings may be affected by accidents, malfunctions, and shortcomings.

They may put to risk human lives and cause significant material and environmental damage.


What is an accident and how quickly does Forus respond to accidents?

An accident is a situation which endangers human lives or has caused or will cause significant material damage, including to the environment.

Usually, our technicians can localise an accident within 2 hours after being notified of the accident. We only respond to accidents in the case of contractual customers – those who have ordered the accident response service from Forus. Primary malfunctions after an accident are usually eliminated within 48 hours after localising the accident.

The police or the Estonian Rescue Board will respond to higher-level accidents.

What is a malfunction and how quickly do we respond to a malfunction?

Usually, our technicians respond to a malfunction within 48 hours after being notified of the malfunction.

A malfunction means that a device or the system (installation) either stops or is functioning improperly or unreliably. Malfunctions do not cause an immediate risk to human lives or (significant) material damage. The normal working and living arrangements in the building or in single rooms in the building is disturbed and the risk of an accident increases.

What is a shortcoming and how fast do we respond to shortcomings?

We respond to shortcomings within 5 working days after being notified of the shortcoming.

A shortcoming means non-compliance with the required criteria (for example, your technical system is making an unusual noise, etc.). As a rule, shortcomings do not result in a stoppage of the system and they do not necessarily always result in damage.

Can I call a technician of Forus myself?

Different accidents and malfunctions are eliminated via the alarm response centre of Forus. You can call +372 619 1899. The employees of our alarm response centre will assess the gravity of the issue and dispatch an appropriate technician, depending on the situation. In some cases, malfunctions or shortcomings can be eliminated remotely.

Can I attempt to eliminate accidents or shortcomings myself?

Only let a competent and qualified specialist to take care of the maintenance and repair works. Do not repair any equipment yourself, unless you have the required competence. If something goes wrong, the damage may be extensive.

If you would like to ask some other company or specialist to maintain or repair your equipment, please discuss this with your maintenance partner in advance.

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