When would I need a trained lifeguard?

For providing lifeguard services on a beach (employing certified lifeguards is the best practice and highly recommended).

In a pool or a water park for additional security.

In spa hotels during busy seasons (school holidays, etc.) – for the security and safety of people.

During amateur sports competitions involving swimming.

For summer events of companies or organisations that take place near bodies of water.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

We focus on prevention and prioritise lifeguard training

As a company responsible for safety and security, we provide various lifeguard services. We also train lifeguards. Future lifeguards will receive a thorough theoretical and practical training from Forus on how to recognise and prevent dangerous situations and rescue people if necessary.

Accidents in water usually happen as a result of unfortunate circumstances coinciding and due to various mistakes. Prevention is vital.

Every year, many companies and organisations contact Forus. For example, pools and spas need additional manpower during school holidays. Ensuring lifeguard services for the summer event of a company if it takes place near a body of water has also become the norm.

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Security and safety on the beach

We have certified lifeguards and we offer security services for beaches. Every year, our lifeguards can be seen on various beaches of Estonia.

It is common that beaches need someone to ensure public order and find missing children in addition to prevention and rescue. Moreover, people might need first aid.

Lifeguards also have a grasp of psychology in addition to rescue and first aid skills – when in danger, people may become very unpredictable and a lifeguard must be prepared for anything.

Main responsibilities of lifeguards:

Protecting public order

Ensuring the well-being of people on the beach and monitoring compliance with the rules (no alcohol consumption in a public area; swimming only in designated areas, etc.).

Rescue and first aid

A lifeguard must be prepared to rescue a person who is in danger of drowning. In addition, first aid must be administered in case of scratches and milder injuries.

Handling intoxicated people

Drunk people eager to swim are an annual problem on the beaches.

Missing children

Unfortunately, lifeguards have to regularly handle situations where children end up alone in the water while playing or get lost on the beach due to inattentive parents.

Lost and found items

On larger beaches, people tend to lose their things when enjoying the sand, the sea, and the sun.

Providing updates

Lifeguards record water and air temperatures and the number of people on the beach at least three times a day every day during the entire swimming season.

Lifeguard training – what does it include?

We train current and future lifeguards. The training goes over the basics and includes theoretical and practical exercises for rescue operations in different situations. Our highly experienced trainers are properly trained.

If a lifeguard wants to earn a professional certificate (a requirement on many larger beaches), they must pass an exam of the Estonian Security Association.

Forus prioritises the annual training of its people, testing their knowledge, and role-playing various emergencies. This way, we can be certain that our lifeguards are 100% up to their tasks.

A person who has completed lifeguard training:

  • knows the basic rules and tactics of rescue operations in water
  • knows how to act in case of an accident in water when saving a person who is drowning or searching for a missing person
  • has excellent swimming skills
  • is able to administer first aid
  • knows the basics of communication psychology
  • knows how to use the necessary equipment and rescue devices

Why order lifeguard training from Forus?

  • Valued and trained experts.
  • Cooperation with various Estonian beaches spanning years.
  • Extensive experience in providing various safety services.
  • Training according to professional standards.
  • Our specialists belong in the water rescue expert committee of the Estonian Security Association.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of safety services department.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of safety services department.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

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