Why would sprinkler systems need maintenance?

Requirements established by legislation and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

To ensure the safety of your people and material possessions.

Reliability of systems.

Correct maintenance ensures a longer lifespan of the systems.

Properly maintained devices offer reassurance – you can focus on your business.

Rely exclusively on a security specialist with professional certification when it comes to maintenance

A sprinkler system is one of the most common automatic fire extinguishing systems that we see in office buildings, public buildings, and shopping centres.

The word ‘automatic’ means that a sprinkler system must be triggered without human interference if necessary. Without fail. Therefore, the maintenance of the system is extremely important for ensuring its reliability. We at Forus take care of the maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire hose systems, and sprinkler systems. We have professionally certified specialists with extensive experience. We are reliable.

Maintenance is a demanding task when it comes to sprinkler systems. An owner must ensure maintenance according to the established schedule and legislation.

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If necessary, we provide repairs and advice

We employ certified specialists who conduct maintenance and inspection works and who can be consulted regarding issues related to the system.

A sprinkler needs various signals to engage, so the reliability of the system must be verified regularly. During maintenance operations, the pipes of the system must be flushed to remove any build-up of impurities. During the maintenance of sprinkler systems, we look at the system as a whole and test it to check its good working order.

If necessary, you can order repairs for the entire system or its parts from us.

Sprinkler maintenance – what do we focus on?


Reliability of signals

A sprinkler needs various signals to engage. During inspections, we ensure that all switches and automatic start systems are functional.

Inspection and maintenance of hose systems

We conduct inspections and maintenance pursuant to the requirements and the maintenance schedule. As the owner, you can personally check the condition of the hose system once a quarter.

Inspection of fire pumps

When the system is engaged, fire pumps ensure that water reaches the fire. We will test whether the pumps start automatically.

Flushing the systems

Sprinklers use water as the extinguishing agent. The pipes must be flushed regularly to remove any build-up of impurities and sediments.

Why partner with Forus for sprinkler maintenance?

  • We are the largest technical maintenance company in Estonia.
  • Highly regarded specialists with professional certification.
  • We are thorough and care about your real estate.
  • The safety of each client is extremely important to us.
  • As a company responsible for safety and security, we offer all possible safety services.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


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