The Forus platform and Forus Takso

Forus – your partner for everyday and VIP travel options that you can order conveniently through our app or our professional dispatch centre.

Forus platform

The Forus app – select a suitable car! Various vehicle and price categories, cars, and drivers.

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Forus Takso

The largest and oldest taxi company in Estonia. Comfort, Premium, XL, or wheelchair-accessible taxis. VIP cars and transfers.

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Forus – a ride service that allows you to become a part of a unique community

We started to provide taxi and ride share services under the name of Forus in the spring of 2021, when the Forus app was released on the market and Tulika Takso became Forus Takso. The users of our services are the owners, forming a community that decides the development of the business and is part of its success story.