Why is an automated fire safety system necessary?

Obligatory in high-rises and premises with complicated fire safety installations.

It helps to monitor the operation of all fire safety systems.

It identifies any malfunctions and errors quickly.

The number and complexity of systems in buildings has increased over time. Their state must be monitored constantly to ensure the interoperability of devices.

It makes rescue operations considerably easier.

The operation of all fire safety systems can be seen from one place

The automated fire safety system uses a single display to monitor the functioning of all fire safety systems of a building and alarm, malfunction, and active modes of other systems essential to fire safety. This helps to monitor the premises easily and provides the owner or administrator of the building with an overview of the state of the fire safety systems. It also provides important support during rescue operations. This is one of the most important fire safety systems and is most frequently seen in high-rise buildings.

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According to the standards

Forus as a safety and security company has years of experience in designing and installing automated fire safety systems. In addition, we will ensure the maintenance of the systems. Did you know that incorrectly installed or maintained automated fire safety system could lead to a situation where life-saving systems no longer function in case of a fire?

Fire safety automation systems are constructed pursuant to the current national standards. As every building is different, the automated fire safety system will also be individually tailored.
We use high-quality devices from Bosch and Esser that are compliant with requirements of the EN54 standard as main components.

Where are automated fire safety systems necessary?

  • High-rises
  • Locations with complicated fire safety installations
  • Buildings with automatic or manual extinguishing systems (water, mist, foam, gas, powder,
  • Buildings with a system of fire hoses
  • Buildings with mechanical smoke extraction

Visiting the object

We inspect the building and determine its peculiarities.

Systems operation

We determine which systems should be monitored and controlled through a display.


We consult with the Estonian Rescue Board before starting a design.


We design the system according to the peculiarities of the building.


We construct it.

Reliable system

We test it in partnership with the Estonian Rescue Board to ensure reliability.


We provide training on the proper use of the system.


We will be there for you as a partner and ensure the regular maintenance of the systems as an additional service.

Installation of an automated fire safety system – why choose Forus?

  • We have extensive experience in safety – we are familiar with a variety of fire safety devices and systems.
  • Highly qualified and experienced installers of security and fire protection systems.
  • As a company providing various real estate services, we know the ins and outs of buildings.
  • All fire safety systems from a single company.
  • Design, installation, and maintenance – you do not have to rely on multiple service providers.
  • We provide services all across Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


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