High-quality management services pursuant to your wishes and needs

We provide professional real estate management services for commercial properties and apartment associations. We are flexible and capable of ensuring comprehensive solutions – pursuant to the wishes of the customer.

Real estate management services from Forus mean that you will have a real estate manager in your building, who will represent you as the owner. The manager sees any property as a whole – they take care of the daily administration tasks and can manage the property efficiently. They will serve as the representative and partner of you as the customer.

Meanwhile, you as the owner can monitor all the operations related to the building via our management platform.

We consult and assist

Real estate management means more than just the daily management and maintenance operations for us. We will also advise you in all management-related issues, if necessary, including in the planning of real estate investments and in achieving energy efficiency.

The advantage of Forus is our broad in-house competence. We provide all property maintenance and security-related services. We will find the best maintenance specialists for your technical systems, as well as high-quality cleaning services. Our Energy Efficiency Department can also advise you on how to manage your property more efficiently and save on energy expenses.

 How can real estate management services make your life easier? 

  • Real estate managers are specialists of their field with extensive experience – we know the best solutions.
  • Stable monthly management costs.You do not have to worry about training or wage costs.
  • The tools required for management and maintenance operations come from the management company.
  • You can monitor all operations via a special management platform.
  • 24/7 support from the alarm response centre – for emergencies.
  • Being able to focus on your core activities.

Real estate management – communication is key

Communication is very important in professional real estate management, as the best solutions must be found in cooperation with the customer and the tenants. One of our strengths are our employees who have very good communication skills and can find a solution for any situation. The daily work of a real estate manager often consists of finding solutions to the issues of the customer.

In the case of commercial buildings, it may occur that the wishes of the tenants and the owner do not match. In this case, the property manager must find a compromise which would satisfy both parties.

How will the Forus management reach you? 


Sending an inquiry 

 Describe your property to us and let us know what kinds of services you need.

We visit the location

 We will inspect your building. We will get acquainted with the documentation, map the premises, and identify whether there are any issues with the building which require addressing. We will talk about what the wishes and needs of you as the customer. 

Sending a quote

 Having inspected the property and talked to the customer, we can send you the initial quote.

Signing the contract

If you are satisfied with our offer and after we have negotiated the terms, we can sign the contract. 

Appointing a real estate manager from us 

After signing the contract, we will hand your property over to the property manager of Forus, who will visit the property once again to get acquainted with you and discuss the activities required. 

ou are now represented by the real estate manager

The real estate manager of Forus is your partner and will ensure the best service for you.

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