The safety of your people and property is our priority

We all want to feel safe in our daily lives. Safety is a topic that is important at home, at work, and when out and about.

Legal acts have established very strict rules for fire safety – and with good reason. If you are an owner or a possessor of a building, you must ensure that the premises along with the equipment within is safe for your people, property, and the environment.

At Forus, you will find reliable and highly qualified fire protection experts, who are greatly appreciated all across Estonia. Your safety and security is extremely important to us.

If we discover any deficiencies or risks on the site, we share professional advice for eliminating them. Therefore, you as the owner of a building should not be apprehensive of calling an expert – helping you is our job.

Fire safety – a legal obligation

Owners of buildings must submit a fire safety self-check report once a year. A certified specialist must be called to industrial facilities, office buildings, and warehouses to conduct a fire safety inspection.

People using a building must learn how to avoid activities which could cause a fire and know what kind of action to take in case of a fire and how to evacuate safely. For this reason, you should invite specialists to conduct regular trainings with your people.

As an owner of a building, I am obligated to:

Comply with all fire safety requirements

As a possessor or owner, I am legally obligated to protect my people and property.

Ensure compliance

I will regularly check the safety and compliance of the real estate, building, premises, or equipment in my possession. I ensure maintenance.

Prevent accidents

I will ensure the safety of human lives, property, and the environment when using heating systems and other devices and installations as well as during works involving an open flame.

Guarantee rescue equipment

My building has all necessary fire safety installations and rescue equipment.

Ensure prevention

I will implement fire prevention measures and refrain from activities that could cause a fire. I will also ensure safe evacuation.

Provide notifications

I will notify the head of the company or organisation and the Estonian Rescue Board of a threat to human lives and health.


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