Why does the BMS require routine maintenance?

To achieve the reliability of the systems.

Cost saving – improperly maintained equipment generates extra expenses.

To achieve a pleasant indoor climate.

Well-being of your people – a better working environment.

If your equipment is not serviced, they will break down sooner.

Proper functioning of the systems and lower expenses

A building management system (BMS) connects all technical systems in your building into one comprehensive whole and enables you to check and control the indoor climate. Properly adjusted and maintained systems function efficiently and help to optimise the expenses on energy.

BMS maintenance includes regular inspections as well as adjustment of the systems. Our experienced maintenance specialists will help you adjust brand new as well as existing BMSs.

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We will monitor that the systems function properly. We will service your BMS according to the agreed maintenance schedule, which will be based on the advice of the manufacturer of the systems. If necessary, we can also adjust the system remotely.

The advantage of Forus is our 24/7 alarm response centre support. This means that our technicians can respond to any failures or higher-level alarms operatively.

What does BMS maintenance entail?

  • Routine on-site maintenance on the basis of our agreement and the maintenance schedule.
  • Constant remote monitoring.
  • Inspection of the error message transmission of the system. Inspection of on-site equipment and the BMS computer.
  • Identifying the reasons for any alarms.
  • Inspecting whether the system responds to alarms 24/7.
  • Changes in the operating modes of the system in cooperation with the customer if necessary.

BMS maintenance before winter and summer

Unfortunately, we often see in our practice how improperly adjusted or maintained BMS causes unexpected expenses for the customer. It is important to observe the maintenance schedule – this will ensure the reliability of the systems.

Adjustment and maintenance of the system before the winter or summer period is especially important to ensure the efficient operation of the technical systems. We will find the best solution for all customers.

If Forus is already in charge of the maintenance of the utility, security, or fire safety system of your company, we also recommend you to order other maintenance works from us. This will make things easier for you as the building owner and will ensure that you will always have a reliable partner.

BMS maintenance – why partner with Forus?

  • The largest maintenance team of technical building systems in Estonia.
  • Qualified and experienced specialists.
  • We take care of larger office buildings as well as store chains.
  • Capability to maintain any technical, security, and safety systems.
  • We consult, advise, and help you find the right solutions.
  • Capability to build simpler or more complex technical systems.
  • We prioritise sustainability and the efficient use of resources.
  • We really care about your property.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


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