Why order security services for your event?

Primarily, for the well-being of participants – it helps them feel safe.

Anything could happen – better safe than sorry!

Prevention and handling of issues.

Smooth flow of events.

You as an organiser can focus on your main responsibilities.

In addition to ensuring security, our security staff will help you with many other tasks – for example, with ensuring smooth customer service.

Priit Pärgmaa

Head of Short-term Security Services

Sports events, concerts, festivals, festive receptions - best service guaranteed

When organising a large or small event, you must consider how to make the event safe for participants so everyone would have a great time. Security services for events and considering security is an indication of the quality of event organisation and assurance of safety.

The professional team of Forus provides security services for events all across Estonia. We are present at larger and smaller gatherings from sports competitions to the Song Celebration. Throughout the years, we have found many different reliable partners and have provided security services to the WRC Rally Estonia team, the Estonian Volleyball Federation, the Estonian Tennis Association, Eesti Laulu- ja Tantsupeo SA, and the organising team behind Impact Day, to name a few. In addition, we have helped to ensure safety and security at international summits and festivals.

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Event security – for what kinds of events?

  • Large and small concerts and festivals
  • Various sports events and competitions
  • Conferences
  • Formal receptions
  • International events and summits
  • Company summer retreats
  • Nightclub events

Each event includes thinking through the security plan and the positions of the security personnel.

Everything is coordinated on site by a security manager who takes care of the entire team. The security manager must be ready to act promptly at any time and in any situation and ensure that the security service at your events is smooth. Before the event, various danger situations are played out very often in order to be ready for anything if necessary.

How do we establish a partnership?


Get in touch

Describe the event in detail – its time, location, and duration; how many participants are expected to attend; how much equipment is involved; is a ticket required, etc.


We will visit the venue and inspect it.

Safety assessment

If necessary, we will prepare a security plan and a risk assessment.


We will determine various positions.

Ensuring readiness

We will discuss and act out a variety of situations.


If necessary, we will provide additional training for security staff.

Additional services

If needed, we will take care of the temporary parking arrangements and road signs.

Smooth organisation

We will make sure that your event is a success.

We include partners

We will organise everything related to security and well-being. We rely on people who are professional qualified security guards with practical work experience. Our security operatives are trained and have the required language proficiency. We also work closely with local governments, the Estonian Rescue Board, and the police.

If necessary, we include professional traffic controllers, first aid providers, and lifeguards in our team.

Forus Grupp includes a traffic control company called Signaal, which can also provide support with temporary traffic circulation plans and road signs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Security services for events – what determines the price?

The event venue, its nature, and the number of participants determine how many security guards to hire for your event and what kind of positions they would fill. The price is also affected by whether the organiser recruits volunteers. 

Forus has ensured safety and security at both very large and very small events. We consider each and every event unique, so we adjust our services according to the wishes of the client and take into account its peculiarities. 

The most common responsibilities of security staff at events:

  • Checking tickets and making security checks
  • Directing visitors
  • Ensuring safety
  • Guarding equipment
  • Ensuring public order
  • Guarding various access points
  • Organising traffic and parking
  • Lifeguard services at events involving a body of water

When do I know my event needs a security plan?

According to legislation, every event organiser must ensure the safety of participants and public order. An event with 300 participants or more is considered to have an increased security risk. Public events are required to have a security plan that we can help a client prepare if necessary. 

What must be taken into account when providing security services at various events?

Many different factors have to be taken into account at one event. Much depends on the wishes and needs of the customer.

The main things to keep in mind are:

  • Number of attendees – More people means more security staff.
  • How many volunteers do you involve as an organizer?
  • A security plan is mandatory at a public event.
  • Safety of performers, spectators and equipment.
  • Security of property and ensuring public order.
  • Traffic routing, traffic management and schemes.
  • Does the security guard also perform the role of customer service.
  • Securing the fan zone.
  • Luggage storage and cloakroom service.

For sports events, for example, it must be taken into account that each sport requires a specific approach (training of the security team according to the field).

However, more festive events require security personnel to wear more solid clothing than usual.

In addition, the security of prominent guests must be taken into account.

What is the role of a head of security?

Every event usually includes a security plan and determining the positions of security personnel.

Our head of security is going to coordinate everything on location, taking care of the entire team. The head of security must be ready to act at any time and in any situation, ensuring smooth security services for your event. Often, various emergencies are acted out before the event to be ready for anything if necessary.

Why partner with Forus for event security?

  • Extensive experience in ensuring security at various events.
  • As a service provider with a long history, we know how to prevent issues.
  • Trained staff with professional certifications.
  • Competency in providing security for large and complex events.
  • Professional heads of security who ensure quality.
  • We work closely with the Police and Border Guard Board, the Estonian Rescue Board, and local governments.
  • We do not see obstacles, only challenges and opportunities!
  • We offer security services all across Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of short-term services.

Priit Pärgmaa

Head of Short-term Security Services

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of short-term services.

Priit Pärgmaa

Head of Short-term Security Services

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