An energy audit – how does it benefit me?

A sense of certainty that your building is in a sufficiently good condition.

Know-how and solutions for the necessary steps to turn the building into an energy-efficient one.

A thorough understanding of the indoor climate and energy consumption of the building.

Knowing the order of investments and construction works to achieve the best results.

An assessment of the cost of renovation and the payback period of the measures.

We will help you make your building more energy efficient

An energy audit is a thorough review with the purpose of mapping and assessing the energy consumption of a building already in use.

An audit provides an overview of energy consumption, proposes possibilities for savings, and assesses the cost and payback period of renovation works. An energy audit is a useful tool for preparing a renovation plan for your office building or a public building.

Forus helps to turn your building into an energy-efficient and modern structure. We assess each client personally to find solutions with the best fit.

For example, local governments need an audit for the reconstruction of educational establishments. The contents of an energy audit determine the possible terms and conditions of support.

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What does an energy audit indicate?

  • How much energy does my building consume?
  • What kind of an indoor climate does it have?
  • How well are the external walls of the building insulated; what are the main causes of energy losses?
  • What is the state of the technical building systems?
  • What kind of possibilities for saving costs are there?
  • How long is the payback period of new solutions?

While an energy label indicates the level of energy efficiency of a building, an energy audit offers additional options for improving the energy performance of the building.

Stages of an energy audit


Submission of a quote

Send us a description of your building, and we will contact you and arrange a time for a meeting.

Inspecting the property

We will inspect the building and meet with the manager and users of the building. We listen to their concerns, look at project documentation, and gather as much additional information about the building as possible.

Gathering data.

We will ask for your consumption details and complete thermal calculations.

Conducting tests

We will test the indoor climate on site during both the heating and cooling periods (measuring the temperature, air humidity, and level of carbon dioxide on the premises).


We will analyse the data of your building and prepare an energy balance of the building. We will present a list of energy-saving measures and describe their nature, cost, effect, and payback period.

Energy audit – what do you need and how much does it cost?

Although the word ‘audit’ sounds like it would be something complicated with a lot of paperwork involved, the reality is quite different. The entire process is modern and based on a virtual energy model.

The professional auditing team of Forus conducts energy audits of buildings; they need access to the building for completing the necessary tests. In addition, they need the technical documentation of the building. The price of an energy audit begins from a few thousand euros. Everything depends on the size and type of your building.

Why order an energy audit from Forus?

  • We make everything easy for the client – you do not have to delve into complex documents and calculations. We will do it for you.
  • We take an individual approach to every site and client – for us, every building is unique.
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, we propose solutions and help implement them.
  • We have a professional licensed energy performance team.
  • We care about the environment and our purpose is decreasing the carbon footprint.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


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