We have the capacity to offer safety trainings for any company

The specialists of Forus have extensive knowledge regarding fire safety and conducting drills. We train the staff of companies and organisations, schools and kindergartens, persons responsible for fire safety, and employees engaged in works involving an open flame.

The most frequently requested training is a fire and evacuation drill. We also offer practical fire extinguisher lessons, and in summer, lifeguard courses.

Where do we conduct trainings?

  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Educational institutions
  • State authorities and public establishments (museums, cultural centres, etc.)
  • Shopping centres and retail chains
  • Healthcare and welfare institutions
  • Filling stations
  • Lifeguard courses for companies, etc.

We have conducted safety trainings and courses in buildings ranging from the large premises of the Emergency Response Centre to school buildings. We are confident that we are able to provide trainings for any company or organisation in Estonia.

Broad knowledge

We can explain various emergencies and related risks to our clients in detail. If necessary, we can provide training for the safe evacuation of a building in case of a bomb threat. Depending on the type of training, we can include ‘actors’.

Our team consists of people who have extensive experience in various fields, such as rescue services, the police, and safety. Over the years, this has helped us build knowledge and skills for action in and resolution of crisis situations.

Online courses

Every safety training includes a theoretical and a practical part, which are prepared based on the requests of the client and the location.

The theoretical part can be completed as an online course in the training environment of Forus. This is convenient for organisations or companies that employ many people, where arranging a suitable time for an in-person course with a lecturer is more complicated. All theory courses end with a test. Online course materials have been prepared by our specialists.

We are happy that we have the trust of our clients, who order all fire safety services from us in addition to the trainings.

Safety training – how will we reach you?


Contact us

Describe the training that your company or organisation needs and the number of people who need the training.

We will discuss the theoretical and practical parts

Based on the location and the requests of the client, we will discuss issues that need more focus and should be demonstrated in practice. If necessary, we will visit the location.

We will prepare a quote

Once we have agreed on an initial plan with you as the client, we can prepare a quote.

Time and place of the training

We will arrange a time for the on-site training. We are flexible and consider the requests of our clients.

Conducting the training

Based on the agreement, we will conduct a theory course online or our lecturer conducts one in person. You will also have to take a test. A practical exercise or a drill usually takes place on location.

Summary and conclusions

After completing the theoretical and practical parts of the training, we will visit you for a summary – we will discuss the successes, failures, and lessons learned. In addition, we will send a written summary to the client within a few weeks.