Why would ventilation systems need maintenance?

Reliability of systems – neglect leads to many issues.

A better indoor climate and more productive employees.

Taking care of the health of your people.

Systems collect dirt over time.

Cost savings – unmaintained devices break faster.

Maintenance of ventilation systems ensures a great indoor climate and the higher productivity of employees

Over time, a ventilation system collects dust, bacteria, and various viruses. Unmaintained ventilation systems have a strong negative impact on the air quality of a building and the health and productivity of your people.

The maintenance of a ventilation system must follow the maintenance schedule that our specialists prepare based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only a certified specialist may perform maintenance works. The technical maintenance team of Forus is the largest in Estonia, employing specialists with extensive experience – you can count on us.

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Maintenance of ventilation systems – what does it entail?

The purpose of system maintenance is to extend the lifespan of equipment and save energy. The regular maintenance of ventilation devices helps to save on expenses and protect the environment.

The maintenance of ventilation systems entails inspecting, adjusting, arranging, fixing, and repairing (if necessary) the entire system as well as checking filters and belts and changing them if necessary.

The price of maintenance depends on the peculiarities of the location and the size and complexity of ventilation systems.

During maintenance works:

  • We will check the filters and replace them if needed.
  • We will check heat exchangers and clean them.
  • We will inspect and configure frost protection devices.
  • Good working order, maintenance, and configuration of gauges and sensors.
  • Inspection and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • We tighten and align belts in the ventilation system.

What should be taken into consideration when maintaining ventilation systems?


For every ventilation system, the maintenance schedule prepared by the installer must be observed. We recommend sticking to it to ensure the reliability and a long lifespan of the system.


Over time, the system collects dust and bacteria. Ventilation systems need cleaning in addition to maintenance and inspection.

Trust only competent specialists

Only trust specialists who have the required experience and qualification with the maintenance of your ventilation system.

Why trust Forus with the maintenance of ventilation systems?

  • We have the largest maintenance team of technical building systems in Estonia.
  • Highly experienced specialists with professional certification.
  • A large client portfolio – offices, shopping centres, industrial buildings, etc.
  • We maintain and are familiar with all technical building systems.
  • We consult, advise, and assist.
  • In addition to maintenance, we construct and install ventilation systems.
  • We operate all across Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


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