Maintenance of electrical systems

Feel safe every day – take care of your electrical systems

As the largest maintenance company in Estonia, we can take care of the various systems in your building, including electrical systems. Forus focuses on the maintenance of electrical systems of business clients in Tallinn and many other regions in Estonia. Most of our clients are shopping centres and offices.

Electricity is an extremely important part of your building, so you cannot compromise when it comes to these systems. The maintenance and audit of electrical installations can only be done by a qualified specialist. We have extremely competent specialists who follow all current legislative acts in their work and ensure excellent results.

We will regularly evaluate the state of your electrical system and create a detailed maintenance schedule. We will conduct the maintenance operations in accordance with the contract and agreements.

Maintenance of electrical systems – how does it benefit me?

  • Smooth operation of the systems – your peace of mind.
  • Safety first – a quarter of fires in Estonia start from electrical installations.
  • You as an owner of a building will know the state of your electrical systems.
  • In case of any deficiencies, we will propose measures for rectification.
  • If necessary, we can replace devices (technologically outdated or hazardous ones, etc.).

How to get Forus to maintain your electrical systems?


Send a query

Describe your building in detail and list the electrical installations in it.

We will inspect your building

We will visit you to inspect the building and its systems. We will prepare a quote.

We will prepare a maintenance schedule

If the quote is suitable, we can conclude a contract and prepare a maintenance schedule for your building.

Inspection of electrical devices

Our specialists will provide regular maintenance in your building according to the schedule.

Eliminating deficiencies

Based on an agreement with the client, we will eliminate smaller issues and organise electrical works. If necessary, we can include other partners.


We will be there for you, and if necessary, we can advise you on issues related to electricity and automation.

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