Electrical maintenance – why would I need this service?

A legal obligation if the main fuse of the electrical system of a building exceeds 100 A.

To prevent accidents and fires.

The safety of your people –the systems are well-maintained and in good working order.

Regular maintenance of electrical systems ensures reliability and safety.

The maintenance of electrical systems reduces repair costs and extends the lifespan of the systems.

Maintenance of electrical systems – a working system and the safety of your people

The maintenance of electrical installations is, simply put, the maintenance and inspection of electrical systems.

Did you know that many fires are caused by malfunctions of electrical devices? The purpose of maintenance is to ensure safe exploitation and prevent malfunctions of electrical systems. This can be achieved through regular inspection and maintenance.

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  • For commercial and office premises
  • For manufacturing and production companies
  • For shopping centres
  • For healthcare establishments
  • For public buildings

Forus has qualified maintenance managers with the highest level (A) of qualifications. We are authorised to maintain all types of electrical installations. We provide maintenance services for large shopping centres, such as the Viru Keskus shopping centre and Solaris. Our clients also include all Lidl shops all across Estonia.

If the main fuse of your electrical system exceeds 100 A, the maintenance of the system is obligatory to you as an owner of a building.

How will our maintenance manager reach you?


Contact us

Describe your building in detail and list the electrical installations in it.

We will inspect your property

Our maintenance manager will visit the location, review its peculiarities, and prepare a quote.

We will prepare a maintenance schedule

If you like the quote, we will conclude a contract and decide the maintenance schedule for your property.

Maintenance and inspection

Our maintenance specialist will take regular care of your systems based on the schedule.

Eliminating deficiencies

If agreed by the client, our maintenance manager will rectify smaller issues independently by organising electrical works or including other partners.


We are there for you as a maintenance provider. If needed, we can advise you in issues regarding electricity and automation.


Why is maintenance required?

Mostly for the protection of your people and material possessions. Every year, neglected electrical systems cause fires with devastating consequences.

Organising maintenance is required by law in many buildings and the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority monitors compliance.

Who is obligated to organise maintenance?

If the main fuse of the electrical system in your building exceeds 100 A, you as the owner of the building are obligated to organise maintenance.

How much does maintenance cost?

The price of maintenance depends on the building and electrical installations, their current state and complexity. In addition, it depends on whether the maintenance specialist is expected to complete the necessary repairs independently or if another partner should be called on site.

Contact us – we will visit you and make detailed arrangements.

Electrical installations – who is allowed to provide maintenance?

A maintenance manager is a person who is competent in electrical works and who can manage maintenance tasks and works related to electrical installations. As a minimum, a maintenance manager must have level B qualifications in electrical works. A company providing maintenance services must be recorded in the register of economic activities in the area of activity ‘Electrical works and maintenance’.

Forus has level A maintenance managers (highest level) and level B maintenance specialists of electrical systems.

What does a maintenance manager do on your property?

First, they review the state and documentation of your electrical systems and map any issues.

A maintenance manager prepares a maintenance schedule for the regular maintenance of your electrical installations and organises maintenance and inspections. In the case of any deficiencies, an action plan must be prepared for rectification.

How often should I call a maintenance manager?

The inspection of electrical systems depends on the site – all buildings and electrical solutions are different. As a rule, a maintenance technician decides the detailed maintenance schedule for your building, stating the required frequency of maintenance and inspection of the systems. As very strict rules apply to fire safety, for example, emergency lighting must be checked every month. Emergency lighting is also inspected by an individual with electrical competence.

Why partner with Forus in electrical maintenance?

  • Maintenance managers with the highest (level A) qualifications – we are familiar with electrical systems.
  • A reliable partner to many large companies and owners of commercial buildings.
  • We are familiar with various types of buildings and their peculiarities.
  • In the case of any problems, we can help with the necessary repairs of electrical installations.
  • We offer maintenance services nearly all across Estonia.
  • We are the largest maintenance company in Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


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