Why would my building need a cooling system?

To achieve a pleasant indoor climate.

When it is warm outside, there is no air in the premises without cooling.

The welfare and health of our people – it is comfortable to be and work in the building.

The conditions required for technological processes.

Extraction of excessive heat (server rooms and machines).

We like challenges – we are capable of managing even the most extensive projects

A cooling system is unavoidable in larger buildings. The main purpose of cooling is making sure that the indoor air temperature does not exceed the allowed limits and that the excessive heat emitted by different equipment does not spread in the premises. In addition to making sure that your employees will feel comfortable in the premises, the cooling system will also take care of extracting excessive heat. This is necessary in commercial and industrial buildings, for example, which are used by many people and contain a lot of machinery, including large server rooms. 

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You can order the following solutions from us:

The specialists of Forus have decades of experience in the construction of cooling systems.

  • Construction of cooling systems
  • Reconstruction of cooling systems
  • If necessary, routine maintenance of the equipment

Design and construction of cooling systems from – which buildings is it for?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Industrial and production buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Medical institutions
  • Apartment buildings
  • Public sector buildings (educational establishments, public authorities, etc.)

High-quality work and project management

We have the capability to build technically complex and large-scale projects. The strengths of Forus are the experience and highly qualified and capable project and object managers. We ensure high-quality and proper project management from the beginning to the end.

We dare say that there is no technical project in Estonia today for which we would not be able to build a cooling system.

Cooling system – what exactly are we building and installing?

  • Precision air conditioners
  • Chilled beam systems
  • Fan coils
  • Cooling of supply air in ventilation systems
  • Cooling of server rooms
  • Split cooling equipment for office buildings
  • Heat pumps and conditioners
  • Humidifiers and air dryers

Construction of cooling systems – why choose Forus?

  • Our specialists have decades of experience.
  • A professional and highly regarded team from the technical perspective.
  • We ensure high-quality project management from the beginning to the end.
  • We will help you manage the design process if necessary.
  • We can cope with even the most complicated technical projects.
  • We also build heating, ventilation, humidifying, and sewerage systems.
  • You can also order maintenance of technical systems from us.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


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