No alert will be left unattended

Simply put, technical surveillance means the surveillance of a building or site via technical equipment. Thanks to modern and smart technologies, technical surveillance keeps ensuring you more and more confidence and security. For example, technology can very easily identify and analyse movement, temperature fluctuations, sounds, etc. in a room. This enables the alarm response centre of Forus to respond quickly in a risk situation and dispatch a patrol car to the site.

Technical surveillance allows to use different solutions to protect your material possessions.

Technical surveillance – what is it mostly used for?

  • Monitoring the site (identifying theft or vandalism).
  • Fire alarm transmission service – quick detection of accidents.
  • Protection of a construction site (expensive technology requires protection).
  • Monitoring business processes – ensuring smooth production processes.
  • Remote opening of doors, lockers, etc. and activating the security system of the building.

24/7 surveillance of your site

Cameras and different sensors provide an overview of what is going on in the building 24/7. If necessary, you can always check what is happening on the site. It is not necessary to browse through the entire material – smart systems enable you to find the necessary situations by using various different parameters.

Providing high-quality surveillance services and suggesting different technological solutions calls for innovation and analysis from any security company. Forus has reliable cooperation partners and the capability to find a suitable solution for any customer.

Technical surveillance of Forus – how do we find a solution suitable for you?


Contact us

Describe the details of your site and tell us about your wishes and needs.

We visit the location

We will consult you and get acquainted with the site to determine which surveillance system would suit you best, and find the best solution.

Quote and conclusion the contract

We will draw up a quote for you on the basis of the surveillance solution chosen. If you agree with everything, we can sign the contract.

We install the equipment

We will order the surveillance equipment and agree with you on when our technician can come over to install them. The time required for the installation depends on the surveillance solution and the complexity of the site.

Alarm response centre

We will connect the system with the alarm response centre of Forus. The customer can connect the video recorder or server themselves, if they wish, or ask a technician of Forus to take care of it.


We can give our alarm response centre exact instructions on the basis of the surveillance solution and agreements – what to monitor, how often, when to dispatch a patrol vehicle, etc.