Why would my staff need fire safety training?

Legal obligation.

Ensuring safety and security – your people want to feel safe and protected.

Knowing fire safety requirements, how to act in case of a fire, and how to notify others of one.

Being able to use various types of fire safety equipment.

How to act in case of fire and help others?

Every employee must complete a fire safety course when taking up their position so they would know the correct and operative action in case of a fire. In addition, every organisation or company has appointed persons who are responsible for fire safety and who ensure the seamless organisation and management of fire safety.

We at Forus have decades of experience in providing training and instruction in fire safety, this being one of our daily responsibilities. We instruct and train various organisations all across Estonia. We are flexible and can reach our clients quickly.

Instruction is site-focused and based on the nature of work of your staff.

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What is included in the fire safety training for staff?

  • Introduction of fire safety requirements.
  • Reviewing the general fire safety guidelines of the premises.
  • Explaining fire and explosion risks and the peculiarities of the building.
  • Understanding the potential causes of fires and prevention measures.
  • Action plan in case of a fire or another emergency (calling a fire and rescue team, evacuating of people, using primary fire extinguishing equipment, etc.).
  • Knowing how to notify of a fire.

Tailored to the requests of the client

Fire safety training for staff consists of a theoretical part (about 1.5 hours) and a practical lesson in using a fire extinguisher. This can be conducted by a certified fire safety specialist or a person appointed by the company who has the necessary knowledge and has completed appropriate trainings.

A head of a company or a structural unit decides the frequency of instruction depending on the level of fire hazard of the premises if fire safety training must be completed when employing a new employee, and subsequently, once a year pursuant to the law.

On average, we reach a client within a week from initial contact; however, this depends on the requests and needs of the client.

Fire safety training – why partner with Forus?

  • One of the largest and most valued teams in Estonia.
  • We act fast.
  • We take into account the peculiarities of the site and prioritise the wishes of the client.
  • We have decades of practical experience. We conduct about 500 various fire safety trainings and fire drills a year.
  • We have hundreds of clients all across Estonia.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of fire safety services (from training to the installation of fire safety equipment).
  • We cover all counties in Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


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