Installation of building technical systems

Security and well-being in your building start with sustainable solutions

The technical systems of the building create a pleasant environment, while the security and safety systems and functioning electrical equipment give you peace of mind. Forus has wide-ranging in-house competence in the construction and installation of systems of various different levels of complexity.

Our technically capable team is dedicated to their work and ensures solutions which are based on the peculiarities of your building. All the while, we think about your welfare and safety.

The customer base of Forus includes general contractors, developers, as well as building owners.

Building technical systems – for which objects?

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Public buildings (schools and kindergartens, museums, etc.)
  • Medical institutions (hospitals, etc.)

Did you know? Many of the buildings listed above are high-risk sites where a fire could threaten human lives and health and cause huge material damage. This means that they are required to install several fire safety systems, such as automatic fire alarm systems and automated fire safety systems, by law.

Design and construction of technical systems – what must be taken into consideration?

The service life of the systems

The life cycle of a building without renovation is estimated at approximately 50 years. Technical building systems usually age in 20–30 years. You should start thinking about how it would be easier to modernise the systems in the future already in the designing stage.

Protecting the environment

Care for the environment is increasingly a priority in the installation of technical systems today. For example, ventilation equipment with heat recovery, in which discharged air is used to heat the incoming fresh air, are gaining popularity. Specific fan power is also taken into consideration.


Maintenance plays an important role in ensuring the reliability and sustainability of the systems. Proper maintenance extends the service life of the systems. Yet, you should keep in mind that technology is in constant development, with more and more efficient solutions becoming available.

How will Forus reach your property?


Contact us

Send us a query describing the construction or renovation project of the systems where you need help. Do not forget to describe the building – its location, size, peculiarities, etc.

We visit the location

We will agree with you on the time for inspecting the building. On site, we will evaluate the complexity of the project, the peculiarities of the premises, and listen to the requests of the customer. Rest assured, we will find a suitable solution.


If the terms and conditions are acceptable for all parties, we can sign the contract, draw up the building design documentation, and make preparations for the work.

Ordering materials and assembling the team

As a rule, we acquire all materials needed ourselves. We also take care of assembling a team.

Construction work starts

In accordance with the agreement, we can start working on site and ensure timely results with the highest quality.


The systems must be reliable – to ensure that, they require proper maintenance. We can provide regular maintenance services. If necessary, you can also order the maintenance service on a one-time basis from us.

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