All equipment and systems are checked in a timely manner – security, energy efficiency, and longer service lives

Simply put, technical maintenance includes the maintenance of the special components and electrical systems of your building, as well as of various pieces of equipment and installations. As the largest technical maintenance company in Estonia, we offer all maintenance works. We have the experience, knowledge, and smart solutions.

Technical systems are the heart of any building – no building can function or be usable and safe without them. In order to ensure their reliability and good health, those systems must be regularly maintained.

Thus, taking care of technical systems is the same as caring for one’s own health – if you invest in it, you will feel well and secure.

Technical maintenance of properties – where do we mainly operate?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Retail spaces
  • Public buildings
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Private residences (only the maintenance of surveillance devices)

Everything from one service provider

Regular maintenance of technical systems allows you to rest assured that all systems are functional. This way, you can concentrate on your principal activity.

We advise you as the owner of a building to order all maintenance services from one service provider – this way, you worry less, spend less time, and have a reliable partner to count on.

Thanks to the smart modern solutions, you can keep an eye on all maintenance operations.

What are the steps of technical maintenance?


We assess the situation

After concluding the contract, our maintenance specialist will visit the site, inspect the systems, and map the potential shortcomings (if there are any). They will also consult you on any issues concerning the use of the systems.

Maintenance plan

Drawing up the technical maintenance plan. We take into consideration the legislation, advice from the manufacturers of the equipment, and suggestions from our maintenance specialists.

Compliant maintenance operations

Pursuant to the maintenance plan established and the law, we maintain your systems on site or inspect the reliability of the systems remotely via the building management system (BMS).

Responding to malfunctions and accidents

If there are any issues with your systems outside of the routine maintenance, we can respond operatively.