Why would my building need an access control system?

The security of your people and building.

Simple and convenient – no need to worry about bunches of keys and losing them.

You can monitor any events – opening and closing doors, movements, hazardous situations, etc.

In industrial buildings, it can help you monitor working time – when people arrive and leave.

It enables integrating safety systems – in the event of an alarm of the automatic fire alarm system, the doors of all escape routes are opened.

A video system and BMS can be integrated to increase the security further.

By integrating specialised solutions, we can take your security to a new level

Simply put, an access control system is an automatic solution for opening doors and gates. Codes, door cards, mobile phones, or facial recognition may be used for this purpose. Access rights can be granted to your employees and different user groups (security guards, cleaners, etc.).

The system ensures the security of your building and is convenient to use – no unwanted visitors can find their way in.

Forus has years of experience in building access control systems. We mainly use the high-quality access control and surveillance system of the Australian company Inner Range in our work, which we have installed in numerous buildings all across Estonia.

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Access control systems – for who?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Public sector buildings (state authorities)
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Retail space
  • Server centres, etc.

Integrated surveillance and access control system

Thanks to the smart systems of Inner Range, we can offer you as a building owner various different solutions matching your wishes and needs. In order to ensure more security for you, we can integrate your access control systems with a surveillance system or the BMS, for example.

We can set the system up so that our alarm response control centre operator will be able to open doors remotely and identify potential hazards, false alarms, etc. on the basis of the video feed. In the event of a fire, a command can be issued on which doors to open automatically. The smart solution also enables registering working time in production buildings.

What makes the system smart?

Different scenarios

A smart system can be set up for various different situations, as needed. For example, doors can be made to open automatically. If there is movement somewhere in the building when someone attempts to activate the alarm system, a command can be issued to the system that the alarm cannot be activated. There are many examples.

Video feed support

In order to increase your security, we can integrate the classic access control system with a video system. The solution enables monitoring the video feed in addition to ensuring secure access. This way, we can inspect who exactly has been moving and where and check the journey of the so-called suspect, if necessary.

Integration with the BMS

We can integrate the access system with the BMS, which, for example, allows automatically switching off all lights upon exiting the building, switching the ventilation system to the idle mode, turning down the heating, etc.

Access control system for your building – how will we reach you?


Contact us

Let us know what kind of a building you need the system for, what is the function of the building, and what exactly are your needs.

Introducing the solutions

We will contact you, visit the location, and introduce you different options. Together, we will choose the best solution for your building.

Quote and contract

We will prepare a quote for you on the basis of the solution chosen. If it is suitable for you, we can sign a contract.

Installation and user rights

We will ensure you high-quality equipment and proper installation.


You will get the user rights after installation. Then, you can keep an eye on everything happening in your building – opening and closing doors, movements, presence of the employees on the site, etc.


All systems require routine maintenance. We advise you to order routine maintenance of your access control systems – this will ensure the reliability of the systems.

Installation of access control systems – why prefer Forus?

  • Extensive experience in installing access control systems – we are familiar with various types of buildings.
  • We will advise you and introduce different solutions.
  • We install systems which are reliable and actually useful for you.
  • A high-quality and highly regarded team.
  • Capability to perform any weak-current works (automatic fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, etc.).
  • We can provide you regular maintenance of the systems.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist.


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