Why would my surveillance devices need maintenance?

To ensure the safety of your premises and people.

The reliability and longer lifespan of your devices.

If the equipment malfunctions, the alarm system will not be activated.

The signal will not reach our alarm response centre.

Unmaintained devices send out false alarms.

A regular user does not have sufficient knowledge or tools for regular maintenance.

Maintenance is as important as the use of a surveillance system.

Unmaintained devices are among the most common reasons for false alarms

The installation of surveillance equipment helps you feel more secure and safe. Similarly to technical building systems, a car, or sports equipment, surveillance equipment need regular and proper maintenance. This ensures their reliability and a longer lifespan.

Correct maintenance helps to prevent false alarms. In our experience, false alarms make up about 30% of all alarms. Usually, they are caused by devices that have not been maintained properly.

We offer the maintenance of surveillance equipment to both business and private customers. We have reliable, trained, and highly qualified maintenance specialists.

Where can we provide maintenance?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial sites and companies
  • Retail stores
  • Educational and children’s institutions
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Social establishments, hospitals, medical institutions, etc.
  • Private houses and apartments
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Maintenance of surveillance equipment – what is included in an inspection?

Visual assessment of security

We will make sure that all necessary rooms are covered by sensors and that they are placed and configured to offer maximum security for the location.

Inspection of devices

We will check whether all your devices work and the camera feed (if the customer has it) reaches us. We will replace the batteries in sensors if necessary and inspect the batteries. If we discover any shortcomings, we will eliminate them immediately. We will clean the devices of dirt.

Testing and test alarms

We will conduct a test alarm to make sure that the system works properly. We will check whether the Forus Alarm Response Centre receives the alarm.

Inspection of fire extinguishers

If the location has fire extinguishers, we can inspect them if necessary.

Changing codes and replacing stickers

If needed, our technicians can help to change security codes and place new stickers on windows and doors.

Maintenance report

After the maintenance is completed, we will prepare a report stating which devices received maintenance, which ones were replaced, any changes to the system, etc.

Frequency of maintenance

We can check the operational reliability of your devices remotely and visit the location according to the maintenance schedule for a thorough inspection.

We recommend maintaining the security systems at least twice a year; however, it depends on the complexity of the system and the environment where the devices are located.

We will decide on a maintenance schedule with the customer, taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of the devices.

We suggest that you have the same service provider for surveillance and maintenance services so it would be possible to have a comprehensive understanding of the site and fix any malfunctions as quickly as possible.

Maintenance of surveillance equipment – why partner with Forus?

  • We are one of the largest security companies in Estonia with decades of experience.
  • We will listen to your needs and always find the best solution.
  • Highly qualified and valued maintenance experts.
  • We are thorough in our work and care about your safety.
  • We are familiar with various types of security devices.
  • We have the capability to service large premises as well as smaller buildings.
  • We have installed hundreds of surveillance systems with various levels of complexity.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


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