What are the benefits of the patrol service?

Your site is being constantly monitored – keeps away vandals and reduces theft.

Prevents problems before they arise.

Ensures a safe environment for your people and possessions.

Fast response to emergency situations.

Regular inspections, which are more affordable than the manned guard service.

Detecting emergencies and fires.

Quick notification of the local law enforcement bodies and the fire and emergency services.

Can quickly solve various minor problems.

Your property does not require daily surveillance, but you would like to have a peace of mind and improved protection?

The patrol service by a security company fulfils your wishes and needs – any services that can be provided on wheels.

Technical video surveillance solutions are becoming increasingly efficient today, but nothing beats the human eye, and physical presence ensures the fastest response. The patrol service of Forus takes care of your security and the security of your possessions on a daily basis.

We make regular patrols to our customers at agreed places at agreed times. For example, we patrol in and around buildings to ensure the safety and security of the buildings. We also deliver small parcels, inspect your construction sites, and make patrol rounds on sports grounds.

We have patrol vehicles all across Estonia except in Hiiumaa and on small islands.

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Patrol service – which sites is it used for most?

  • Public spaces – parks, playgrounds, bus stops
  • Sports facilities
  • Public institutions and their surroundings
  • Hotels
  • Construction sites and heated shelters
  • Car parks

What can I use the patrol service for?

Regular inspections

We will visit your site or patrol your territory at certain times to ensure your security.

One-off checks

If an alarm is sent from your property, it will arrive at the Forus alarm response centre. We will dispatch a patrol vehicle to inspect the situation.

Ensuring the security of mail and small parcels

We will deliver your consignments securely to the desired destination around the clock.

Surveillance of sports facilities and parks

Regular patrol rounds in the public space help to prevent vandalism.

Inspecting technical surveillance equipment

We will check whether your video equipment works and provide maintenance services, if required.

Inspecting construction sites

There are often a lot of valuable pieces of equipment and tools on an unfinished construction site.

Patrol service from a security company – how does it work?

Patrol service means the regular inspection of an area or a building. Patrol vehicles also respond promptly to alarms, assist and support you on site, and are constantly in touch with the alarm response centre of Forus. After each inspection visit, a security guard will register the situation on the site in a respective report and take photos for the customer.

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and are connected to our alarm response centre 24/7. The latter can monitor the locations and movements of the patrol vehicles. If the alarm response centre of Forus receives an alarm, the message is transmitted to the nearest patrol vehicle, which will visit the site.

The patrol will inspect the site. Meanwhile, the customer or the contact person assigned by them will also be notified. The police and the Estonian Rescue Board are involved, if necessary.

Transportation of valuables – based on an agreement with the customer

The patrol vehicles of Forus can also be used for the transportation of valuables, i.e. the transportation of items which require further security measures. We use modern security cases for this purpose. The transportation is performed on the basis of the standards provided by the customer.


What are the main duties of the patrol vehicles?

The main duty of the patrol vehicles is to ensure the security of the possessions of the customer and the area by performing regular inspections. Patrol vehicles also reduce crime, vandalism, and theft.

How fast do the patrol vehicles respond to alarms?

The speed of the response depends on the area, the situation, and the severity thereof. The alarm response centre of Forus can specify the response time to the customer in the case of an alarm, as they can monitor the locations and movement of the patrol vehicles in real time. The alarm response centre dispatches the nearest patrol vehicle to the site.

How are the patrol vehicles of Forus equipped?

All security guards are equipped with protective equipment, including handcuffs, pepper gas, a truncheon, and a breathalyser. Patrol vehicles also have fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

All security guards who provide the patrol service have professional certification and have completed in-service trainings on evacuation and first aid and are capable of responding in hazardous situations.

Why order the patrol service from Forus?

  • Capability to respond all across Estonia + fast response.
  • Security guards with professional certification who have completed in-service trainings on evacuation, first aid, and behavioural psychology in different crisis situations.
  • 24/7 support from the alarm response centre.
  • All security-related services from one place – if necessary, technical equipment with installation and the patrol service.
  • We use hybrid vehicles – a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Close cooperation with law enforcement units and the rescue board.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. 


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