Our team can handle even the most challenging projects

We offer the design, reconstruction, and construction of all building technical systems: ventilation, cooling, heating, and humidification.

There is no technical project in Estonia that Forus would not be able to complete.


We provide specialised services for the following buildings:

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Apartment buildings
  • Public buildings

Our main partners are general contractors and owners of buildings. We only focus on indoor systems.

Building technical systems – ensuring the satisfaction of clients

Building technical systems are complicated. Our specialists are able to delve into technical projects in great detail to ensure that you as a client would be absolutely satisfied.

Did you know that the construction of building technical systems requires excellent skills in analysing designs and re-evaluating planned materials and devices if necessary? It also requires the ability to replace technologies and implement correct ones. The objectives include optimal results, a smaller environmental footprint, and customer satisfaction.

We exclusively use high-quality devices and materials in our work.

How will Forus reach your property?


Ask for a quote

Send us a query, describing the construction or renovation project of technical building systems where you need help, and add the designs. Do not forget to describe the building – its location, size, peculiarities, etc.

We will review the project

We will analyse the designs, take into account the peculiarities of the project, and visit the location. On site, we will evaluate the complexity of the project, the peculiarities of the premises, and listen to the requests of the client.

Customer query

Clients often ask for quotes from several companies. If you choose us and all parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions, we can conclude a contract


We will determine the schedule, assign a project and site manager, and sign a contract for services.

Ordering materials; team

As a rule, we acquire all materials needed for the technical building system projects ourselves. We also take care of assembling a team.

The work begins

In accordance with the agreement, we can start working on site and ensure timely services with the highest quality.