Your security and safety is our priority

We are one of the largest security companies in Estonia. Our goal is to offer high-quality security services to business and private customers all over Estonia. We are customer-focused. We provide advice to help you find the most suitable solution and the best service.

The security guards of Forus have certificates of competence and we train our people regularly. The surveillance equipment installed by us is smart and of the best quality. We are capable of ensuring security on sites and at events of any scope and specifics.

We protect and care for the values of our company – we really care for your security.

Security and surveillance services of Forus

  • Over 12,000 customers
  • 22,000+ sites under surveillance all across Estonia
  • 1,200 qualified security guards
  • Different types of buildings and events
  • Smart and modern surveillance solutions

Surveillance by Forus – security services from a reliable partner

We have formed a relationship of trust with owners of office buildings, commercial and industrial undertakings, state authorities, shopping centres, owners of store chains, event organisers, and many other partners.

Our customer base includes large state-owned companies, such as AS Eesti Energia and Eesti Raudtee, who have trusted us to take care of their safety and security.

Private customers are also increasingly interested in high-quality home surveillance systems and value us as a reliable and responsive partner.

Why let Forus take care of your security services?


Our people have decades of experience in the field of security. We are familiar with different sites and know exactly how to ensure your maximum security.


We always wish to offer you the best services. We value the feedback and other comments from our customers. This allows us to improve our security services further.


We do our job well and properly. Our people are valued. We are a member of the Estonian Association of Security Companies (ETEL) and our people are included in the expert committees of the ETEL.

Wide customer portfolio

We have customers from different fields and from all over Estonia. We are well aware of the peculiarities of different sites – this allows us to ensure the best service and surveillance solutions.

Customer-focused approach

We always focus on the specific customer and site in providing our services and do not offer standard solutions. We take into consideration the wishes and needs of the customer.

24/7 support from the alarm response centre

We have our own in-house alarm response centre. This allows us to dispatch a security patrol or involve back-up quickly if support is needed on site.

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