Only trust a competent company, such as Forus, with electrical works

We renovate and expand electrical systems. In addition, we offer energy-efficient lighting solutions for offices, production facilities, public buildings, and retail premises.

A proper electrical system in good working order is an integral part of a building. The construction of electrical systems requires a good awareness of the current legislation, so you can only trust highly qualified specialists with this work. Forus has highly competent specialists and experience with large commercial buildings as well as small retail premises.

We prioritise the needs of our clients – we will find a solution that fits you best.

Electrical systems – sustainability above all

In our work, we focus on sustainability. For this, we offer contemporary holistic solutions for lighting with smart sensors – this way, you can keep the energy and maintenance costs under control, improve the quality of lighting in the working environment, and keep the footprint of your building small.

We issue the required certificates as well as a warranty to the electrical installations after completion.

Electrical systems – what can we do for you?

  • Design of electrical systems; the necessary figures and documentation.
  • Calculation of the total load.
  • Wiring; diagrams of lights and sockets.
  • Calculations of the intensity of the lights.
  • Construction and renovation of switchboards.
  • If necessary, lightning protection.

How can we establish a partnership and find the best solutions together?


Contact us

Would you like a solution for lighting or to overhaul and update electrical systems? Let us know.


We will arrange a time for a consultation together. We will visit you, inspect the location, and find out your requests and needs.

The best solution

We will find the best solution based on your requests and the advice from our specialists, taking into account the peculiarities and the type of the building.

Quote and contract

If you like what we have prepared, we can send a quote, conclude a contract, agree on a work schedule, and order materials based on our agreement.

We begin providing the service

Our competent specialists will take care of the modern lighting solution or renewing the electrical systems of your building.

Delivery and receipt of the work

Now, you can rest assured – the electrical systems in your building are in good working order and/or your premises have a modern lighting system.

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