Why would I need an energy simulation?

Terms of reference for designers.

You can test various solutions to see to what degree various individual measures would help to save energy (for example, adding solar panels).

Find out how to save energy in your building

Would you like to know how much energy your building consumes during a specific time or period and in various climatic and usage conditions?

An energy simulation provides great insights for this. Forus completes simulations for new buildings and the ones under reconstruction – you will be able to review the energy consumption and indoor climate of your building as realistically as possible. This helps to optimise the energy consumption of the building down to the last detail.

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What will we learn during a simulation?

  • We will determine the impact of various solutions (such as replacing the windows, insulating the facade, constructing ventilation, etc.) to the energy consumption of the building.
  • We check the compliance of the room temperature and daylight factor in summertime and in winter.
  • A heating and cooling simulation – based on the design, we complete a simulation calculation to determine heating and cooling needs.

The energy difference of the building

The energy simulation is based on the indoor climate and consumption data, depending on the nature of the work, as well as the project documentation of the building. Essentially, an energy twin is created for the building, including the structures and indoor climate parameters of the building as well as the details of technical building systems.

The simulation is prepared with specialised software (EQUA IDA – Indoor Climate and Energy software), which requires special training. Energy simulations are prepared by our highly qualified energy performance specialists.

Why order an energy simulation from Forus?

  • The process is easy for you. We only need consumption data and documentation – we will take care of the rest.
  • We have experience with many different types of buildings – office buildings, public buildings, etc.
  • We as a company contribute towards a sustainable society and care about the environment.
  • We have highly experienced and knowledgeable energy performance specialists.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


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