Clean work premises and a clean environment help to increase productivity

You have probably experienced how a clean environment and clean surroundings contribute to well-being. Research has proven that mess and clutter interfere with the ability to concentrate.

In Harju County, we offer various cleaning services: maintenance cleaning, outdoor cleaning, and specialised cleaning services. The cleaning services of Forus guarantee the cleanliness and upkeep of your property. This way, you can focus solely on your business.

Cleaning services for business customers – excellent results and the best equipment

Our cleaning staff undergoes regular trainings. The cleaning services of Forus show excellent results and pass any quality inspection. Our cleaning staff uses the best agents and equipment as well as world-class technology. We focus on creating safe and healthy environments.

Clean rooms and outdoor areas establish a positive customer experience and trust.

All operations of the cleaning company in a digital log

Our clients include car dealerships, office buildings, and manufacturing and industrial facilities. Did you know that you as a client can monitor our activities through a digital cleaning log? The digital log records all visits and cleaning operations of our cleaning staff.

Forus wants to be more than a cleaning company when offering upkeep services. Our goal is to offer all services related to maintenance and security of real estate to our clients.

How will we reach you?


Contact us

Describe the cleaning service that we can provide for you.

Your request will reach us quickly

We will contact you within three working days at the latest and agree on a time for visiting the location.

We inspect the site or premises

Our trained staff will visit the site to determine the nature of the service.

Concluding agreements

We will agree on the best solution for you as well as the time and interval of providing the service. We will also prepare a quote. If you like our solution, we can conclude an agreement.

We begin providing the service

Our trained team will arrive on site at the agreed time and work to ensure the best result.


We ask for you feedback on how satisfied you are with our service.


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