Contracts, invoices, and documentation


Where can I see my contracts and invoices?

You can see your contract in the self-service environment of Forus. You can also view your contact details, check any dispatch reports or reports of the works performed, order maintenance services, view and pay your invoices, etc.

We do not send contracts by email for security considerations.

How can I change my contact details?

You can change your contact details easily and quickly in our self-service environment.

Will I be able to continue using the service if I move? How?

Of course! Notify us of your move at the first opportunity. We will come and disconnect your equipment at the old address and connect them in the new location.

When do I have to pay for using the service?

We send invoices for using our services to our contractual customers in advance for the current month, i.e. if you are using our service in the current month, you will receive the invoice in the beginning of the month.

If you order a one-off service, you will receive the invoice after we have provided you the service. In common practice, the payment term is 7 days.

Can I contest an invoice issued for dispatching a patrol vehicle or other invoices?

In order to contest an invoice, please contact our customer service by sending an email to or calling +372 619 1999. We will check the invoice and the case.

What happens if my invoice is overdue?

If we have not received the payment for a service provided, we will send you reminders on the third, fifth, and seventh day. If your invoice is 30 days overdue, we will hand your case over to a debt collection company and stop providing further services to you until you have paid the invoice.

Please note that the customer will be required to cover the costs of debt collection, i.e. the procedural expenses of the debt collection company. The amount of the procedural expenses forms 10% of the amount of the overdue invoice.

When you have paid the invoice, let us know and we will reopen the service for you.

I noticed that the contractual work provided by Forus is overdue. What should I do in this situation?

If you notice that a service provided by us is overdue and our technician or maintenance specialist has not reached your property, please notify us immediately by calling our customer service: +372 619 1999. We will identify the reason and find a technician who will visit your site at the first opportunity.

What should I do if I no longer wish to receive the service and if I would like to terminate the contract?

Forus usually concludes contracts for an unspecified term. In order to terminate your contract, please give us one month of advance notice. Contracts can only be extended in written format. For this purpose, please send a free-form email to .

Can I temporarily suspend the service and the contract?

You can temporarily suspend the service for at least one month and for a maximum of one year. Private and business customers can suspend the contract for free for the first three months. Starting from the fourth month, a symbolic fee will be charged. The fee is for the maintenance of the transmitter of the surveillance equipment.

The price list for private customers can be seen here and the price list for businesses here.

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