Why should I maintain my smoke alarm and smoke extraction systems?

Fire safety is of a primary importance – the lives and health of people are at stake.

It is a legal obligation.

Manufacturers have developed detailed maintenance instructions for their equipment.

If you fail to service the equipment, they will simply cease to function one day.

To protect your possessions.

For more confidence and less worry – my equipment is functional.

All fire safety equipment must be checked regularly

It is crucial that fire safety systems are always functional and properly maintained. Pursuant to the maintenance instructions of equipment and the legislation, a qualified specialist must be invited to assess the functioning of the system as a whole.

Forus has the competent specialists for this. We can advise you on how the systems should function properly and how you as the owner can conduct inspections in the form of visual observation.

We will keep a maintenance journal to have an overview of the need for maintenance and the procedures.

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What are inspected and maintained by our specialists?

  • Smoke extraction systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire doors
  • Fire hose cabinets
  • Wet risers
  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire compartments, etc.


Inspection of fire extinguishers and fire doors

Toxic gases are released in case of fire and inhalation of these gases may have very unfortunate consequences. In order to prevent this, special smoke alarm and smoke extraction systems must be installed in buildings. The inspection and maintenance of such systems are of primary importance.

Owners often forget that fire doors are part of the fire safety system of the building. The integrity of the fire compartments and the cleanliness of the ventilation pipes must also be checked every year pursuant to the standards.

You as the owner must check your fire extinguishers once a quarter and call a technician every few years to check the internal pressure of the extinguishers.

Did you know that you as a building owner can alleviate the risks endangering your property by regular maintenance.

Why choose maintenance of smoke control and removal devices from Forus?

  • A reliable and secure partner who cares about your safety and property.
  • Highly regarded maintenance specialists with professional certification.
  • We offer services for large companies as well as smaller institutions.
  • We know all fire safety installations inside out.
  • We also offer the design and installation of fire safety systems if necessary.
  • We advise and consult.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced maintenance specialist. 


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