Reduce the energy costs of your building and become more sustainable today

Did you know that buildings in the EU consume 40% of all energy, 50% of which is consumed inefficiently? In addition, about 40% of CO2 emissions are related to buildings or construction. In Estonia, up to 50% of energy is consumed by buildings.

We already have the knowledge and solutions for reducing the energy consumption and administrative costs of buildings considerably.

Energy efficiency is a topic that is increasingly important for our clients. We help and advise our clients daily. They contact us to enquire about the LEED certificate (‘green certificate’) and invite us to conduct energy efficiency and energy label calculations as well as assess the quality of indoor climate on location.

We know based on experience that very small steps bring huge benefits.

Energy efficiency – challenges of the near future

Energy-efficient buildings – the preference of tenants

Demand for high quality and energy-efficient premises remains high. Tenants want to offer the best enjoyable working environment to their employees.

The Paris Agreement

The Member States of the European Union must achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Reconstruction of buildings

In the next few years, the state, local municipalities, and the private sector face the huge challenge of reconstructing the existing building stock. For example, all apartment buildings must be upgraded to energy class C as a minimum.

Highly valued specialists in our field

Energy-efficient buildings are our future and requirements to houses still being designed as well as the existing ones are increasingly strict.

Forus can help you! Our Energy Efficiency Department has highly regarded licensed specialists who are eager to help you as a client to make your building energy-efficient, reduce administrative costs, and ensure that your activities are eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency in buildings – why hire specialists from Forus?


Broad competence

We as a company are focused on creating a sustainable environment. We have broad in-house competence and are familiar with various types of buildings.

We know what works

We are more than theoreticians; we actually know how to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and have also tested various solutions – they work.

Clients trust us

We often receive feedback from our clients on how investments have brought quick results – costs related to buildings have dropped.

What turns a building into an energy-efficient green building?

  • Efficient use of water, energy, and other resources.
  • Technical building systems function in harmony.
  • Reuse and recycling.
  • Excellent quality of indoor air.
  • Materials used in the building are safe for human health, ethical, and sustainable.
  • Environmental protection and footprint are considered when planning, constructing, and using the building.
  • The energy requirement is at least partially covered by self-produced renewable energy, such as by solar panels.


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