Why should you consider renovating or reconstructing your commercial real estate?

This is a great opportunity to modernise your commercial premises and improve their indoor climate.

It would allow to adapt the rooms to the new needs without having to consider relocation.

It would also offer potential savings on utility costs due to updated technical building systems and energy-efficient solutions.

Refresh your commercial property

If your needs have changed, the first option is not necessarily moving to new premises. Often, renovation or reconstruction would be a great solution, refreshing the property and allowing to align the rooms with your new needs.

Ask for an offer

What types of premises do we renovate? What kinds of services do we provide?

We focus primarily on the renovation of office and commercial buildings and the indoor areas of service premises. We offer all of the most common indoor finishing services, including:

  • Paintwork
  • Plastering and base
  • Reconstruction of partitions and levelling existing walls
  • Tiling
  • Installation of various floor materials
  • Installation of skirting boards

Our advantage – specialised construction services

Weak-current works

We specialise in various weak-current works. We can install security and safety systems, video surveillance and access systems, and audio and communication systems. We can also help with simpler wiring projects and install indoor computer and communication systems.

Installation of special components of buildings

Koda Ehitus, a company in our group, has extensive experience in the installation of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems of buildings.

Electrical work

We renovate electrical systems and install modern lighting solutions.

Why partner with Forus for renovating your commercial premises?

  • We have experience in handling various types of properties.
  • In-house competence in the installation and maintenance of special components of buildings and strong- and weak-current systems – the best advice and all necessary services from a single provider.
  • Our energy efficiency team can advise you in making more eco-friendly and energy-efficient choices.
  • You can trust the newly completed premises to our care – we provide real estate management services, will protect your premises, and are prepared to offer cleaning services.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced technical manager.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced technical manager.


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