Why outsource customer support?

More flexibility when meeting the expectations of your clients to customer support

Being able to focus on your core activities

Experience in providing customer support to a wide variety of clients

We have the human resources and technology to service large volumes of queries

Rasmus Peterson

Head of the Alarm Response Centre

Convenient call centre and customer support service for your company

In the modern fast-paced world, clients want to receive quick answers to their questions and solutions to their problems – often in real time.

How can you be available to your clients around the clock and offer top-tier customer service without hindering your staff from focusing on their daily responsibilities or accruing huge expenses related to additional staff and technology?

The call centre of Forus can help you!

Ask for an offer

The call centre service is suitable for your company or organisation if:

Your service needs an operative customer support

Your service or product needs operative customer support, including being available to customers by phone regardless of the number of queries

No desire to create an internal customer support team

You lack the capacity or desire to create an internal customer support team

You wish to concentrate on your core business

You want to focus on daily work and invest in your core activities

No specific knowledge or skill needed to support your service

Providing customer support for your service or product does not require specific detailed knowledge or information that you cannot disclose

What is included in the call centre service?

Our call centre service is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of each client. We will prepare a detailed plan with you, enabling you to provide the best customer experience to your clients.

We are where your clients are

We will reply to clients via the required channel – by phone, email, or another channel preferred by the clients

We reply, record, and organise

We will agree on the SLAs for replies, record all queries, and offer fast customer support when solving the problems of your clients

We can handle even the most complex technical tasks

Our strengths include the ability to solve even the most complex technical tasks We can rely on various technical solutions, starting from cameras and remote control to technical specialists and patrol units

We will accept signals and monitor your devices

If requested, we can accept signals from various devices to check the flow of your work processes or monitor the state of your premises/devices

We will report and improve

We will prepare the agreed regular reports on queries with the frequency you prefer. You can access the reports through a convenient online environment and also order summaries to be emailed to you.

Five steps to customer support service


Get in touch

Send a query and describe the type of customer support you need

We will specify your needs and prepare a quote

We will contact you to review the details we need for preparing a quote Pricing is usually based on the number of queries or the time needed for providing customer support


We will sign an agreement

Training and agreements on reporting

We will train our customer support specialists and configure the necessary access and reporting settings

Offering customer support to your customers

We will start to provide the service

Why partner with Forus for customer support?

  • We are one of the few companies prepared to provide 24/7 customer support
  • We are able to handle questions of a more technical nature and solve technological issues
  • We can adopt smart integrated solutions together with security services. For example, monitor a video feed, manage access systems remotely, etc.
  • Service in several languages – in Estonian, Russian, and English
  • Modern technical solutions for reports and summaries
  • Easily scalable. We can handle an unexpectedly large number of queries


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of alarm response centre.

Rasmus Peterson

Head of the Alarm Response Centre

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of alarm response centre.

Rasmus Peterson

Head of the Alarm Response Centre

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