Why would my building need a smart lighting system?

To decrease energy costs – immediate savings.

To protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

Smart systems simplify the maintenance of a building.

Less maintenance and a longer lifespan of devices.

Replacing lights helps save on cooling expenses in the summer – modern lights emit less heat.

We provide full solutions – from design to the selection of lamps

We can create lighting systems for your offices, commercial buildings, and retail premises. We reconstruct and build, expand and modernise. We consider the peculiarities of the building and premises, and offer you the best selection and a personal approach.

We have created lighting solutions for various office buildings. We also constructed the new and contemporary LED lighting solution for the car park of Solaris Centre.

Lighting systems and their installation require competence in electrical works. Only qualified professionals should be called to install these systems. Forus has the specialists with the required qualifications.

Ask for an offer

Eco-friendly lighting

Did you know that sensors and controllers added to the lighting solution help to achieve considerable cuts in energy consumed in your office building? This would help to reduce your maintenance costs and carbon footprint. A modern and well-designed lighting system also protects the environment.

What to consider before ordering a lighting system?

The purpose of the lighting

We will discuss with you as a client the type of lighting that you require and its main purpose and benefits.

Savings in energy costs

The easiest way is to replace regular lighting with LED lights. The latter consume less energy, offer good lighting efficiency, and have a longer lifespan.


We configure the lighting system so that a sensor attached to a lamp would recognise whether someone is in the room as well as the level of light that is needed. If the room is empty, the light will turn itself off automatically. This will lead to even greater savings in energy costs.

Short payback period

An excellent lighting system lasts for over a decade (depending on the specifics and exploitation of the building, etc.). You should be aware that high-quality lighting leads to huge savings and will pay back very quickly.

How can we start a cooperation?


Contact us

Describe your building (size, number of floors, function, etc.) and the purpose of the new lighting solution.

We will visit the site

We will visit you to inspect the building and find the best solution. We can introduce various options and recommend the most efficient lighting solutions.

A suitable solution; concluding a contract

Once we have agreed on the solution, we can conclude a contract and plan out the project.


We will order the lighting that you prefer and agree on the time for installation.


We care about the quality of installation work and the reliability of the systems. We test and configure the lights during installation to ensure that they work efficiently.

A modern system

Once reliability is guaranteed, you can simply enjoy the modern and energy-efficient lighting in your building.

Lighting system in my building – why have Forus help with the installation?

  • We provide a full service – you can leave all the necessary tasks to us.
  • Experience and a professional team.
  • We build new systems and reconstruct old ones.
  • A customer-focused approach – we tailor our solutions to you.
  • We prioritise sustainable outcomes.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. You will receive a reply from our sales manager.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. You will receive a reply from our sales manager.


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