Why would I need a fire safety self-check report?

To prevent a fire – and save the lives of our loved ones, other people, and ourselves as well as property and the environment.

Many buildings are legally obligated to prepare a report annually.

You can identify fire safety risks in your building in a timely manner and make a plan for rectification.

You will learn about aspects to consider when checking fire safety in your building as an owner.

Is it safe to use your building and can your people also feel safe?

Self-check means that we can basically control our own actions and behaviour. When ensuring fire safety, we as owners or managers of a building must make sure that our actions are safe and secure.

A fire safety self-check report is a legal obligation and a tool for many possessors of buildings. It offers insight into the safety and compliance of immovable property, buildings, premises, and devices in your possession.

The fire protection experts of Forus prepare hundreds of reports every year – for schools, industrial enterprises, and everything in between. A self-check report can only be prepared by specialists with professional certifications.

Please note that a fire safety self-check report must be submitted annually with the data of the previous calendar year by 31 March at the latest in the online service environment of the Estonian Rescue Board. Do not leave contacting a specialist to the last moment.

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Who are obligated to submit a fire safety self-check report?

  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Treatment and care facilities
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Large office buildings and high-rises
  • Vital or utility service providers

Requirements to the fire safety self-check and fire safety reports are established in regulation No. 1 of the Minister of the Interior. Private residences, apartment buildings, and smaller institutions and companies do not have to submit fire safety reports.

A fire safety self-check report includes:

  • general details of the building
  • activities in the building
  • whether fire safety installations and rescue equipment are in order
  • fire safety arrangements in the company or institution
  • preparedness to act in case of a fire
  • deficiencies identified during a self-check; rectification measures
  • other important information.

Self-check report – beneficial for everyone?

A possessor of a building must submit a fire safety report online or on paper to the Estonian Rescue Board once a year.

Please keep in mind that a fire safety self-check report is also useful to owners of buildings who are not legally obligated to prepare such reports. A thorough report prepared by us provides a very clear overview to the person responsible for fire safety of whether the building is safe and compliant with fire safety requirements.

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Fire safety self-check report – why is Forus the best partner?

  • Highly qualified and valued experts.
  • We can provide all fire safety services you need – everything from one place.
  • We consult and propose solutions.
  • We take an individual approach to each client.
  • We are flexible and fast.
  • We operate all across Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


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