We wish to help you with ensuring your safety and security every step of the way

A reliable security system and proper fire safety installations are part of any modern building – security is of utmost importance.

Our experts have gathered a lot of valuable experience over decades, are familiar with different types of sites, and can recommend and installed safety and security systems which are an ideal match for your building.

We will also assist you with professional advice. We care about your security. We can tell you about the requirements which come with different systems. If necessary, we will provide the maintenance works to ensure that your fire safety installations or security systems are always reliable.

Which buildings do we mainly install safety and security systems in?

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial sites and warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals and other medical institutions
  • Territories (security system)

Safety and security system in your building – what to keep in mind?

Choose a licensed company

Always trust a licensed company with installation works – this will allow you to feel secure. At Forus, we have technicians with professional certification who are specialists in their field. We have high-quality equipment.

Proper use

In order to ensure your maximum security, you as the building owner must know how the systems work and how they can be of real use to you. We can instruct you and assist you in your journey to security.

Maintenance and inspection

Any car requires annual servicing and the same applies to safety and security systems. For example, there are very strict requirements for the maintenance of several fire safety installations. Care about your possessions.

Safety or security system for your building – how will we reach you?


Contact us

We would like to hear more about your wishes. Tell us a little about your building and let us know which security or safety system you would like to have. After that, we can get in touch with you and agree on a consultation.


Before the construction, installation, or modernisation of any existing safety or security system, you will need to consult our specialist. Having inspected the property, we will assess the situation of the property and the selection and layout of the equipment.

Quote and contract

We will prepare a quote for you after the meeting. If the conditions are suitable for both sides, we can sign a contract and get to work.


To ensure that your security or safety system provides maximum protection for your property and is easy and convenient to use, you need to find the right solutions. We will draw up the building design documentation for you to develop the solutions.


We provide proper installation of safety and security systems. We have highly qualified and experienced specialists. It is important for us to ensure that all customers receive high-quality work from us.

Proper maintenance

In order to ensure the reliability of the systems, they must be inspected regularly and the required maintenance works must be performed. We offer maintenance as a one-off service as well as the routine maintenance service.


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