Our security and well-being are in our own hands

What can the owners of buildings do to protect their people and physical assets? Are all fire safety installations in my building compliant, reliable, and properly maintained? Can I rest assured that my employees know what to do in the case of a fire? Which risks come with my operations?

These and many other important questions should be the priority for any company or the owner or possessor of a building. If you have commercial premises or are the head of an industrial company, you must take care of safety. Every step of the way.

Where does the law require you to ensure safety services?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Industrial premises and warehouses
  • Retail spaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Social establishments, hospitals and other medical institutions
  • Spas

Safety services – only rely on a competent specialist

Fire safety and safety in general are strictly regulated fields. There is a good reason for this – we are talking about protecting and saving human lives.

As legal requirements apply to safety services, the service provider must be chosen carefully. Only order safety services from competent companies and qualified specialists.

We dare say that the safety services of Forus are among the most highly valued ones in Estonia. We are dedicated to our work, we always give you relevant advice, make suggestions for improvements, and organise trainings.

All of our specialists care about their work and your welfare.

What are my obligations as the owner of a building?

Comply with all fire safety requirements

Safety is a strictly regulated field. You are legally obligated to protect your people and property.

Compliant installation and maintenance

I will regularly check the safety and compliance of the real estate, building, premises, or equipment in my possession. I ensure maintenance.

Prevent accidents

I will ensure the safety of human lives, property, and the environment when using systems and installations as well as during works involving an open flame. My building has all necessary fire safety installations and rescue equipment.

Train people

I invite specialists to organise fire safety trainings and drills pursuant to the law.

Ensure prevention

I do everything in my power to refrain from any activities which may result in a fire.

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