Why order construction site surveillance?

A sense of security – someone is looking after my property!

You are aware of what happens on your site 24/7.

It keeps away vandals and thieves.

It helps to detect fires and other threats quickly.

It protects and maintains your property.

A simple solution for risk mitigation – no permanent structures or mains supply required.

Wireless video solutions and patrol service

A construction site can often attract attention. Forus takes care of the security of construction sites, containers, and heated containers to protect your property and equipment temporarily or for an extended period.

To ensure the surveillance of your construction site, we install weatherproof and wireless security devices – cameras, motion detectors, and if necessary, video surveillance systems with loudspeakers. When guarding larger territories, we often use devices made by Defendec, an Estonian manufacturer, which offer reliability and capabilities tested on military sites and state borders.

If an alarm is triggered and there is movement on the site, our control centre will obtain photos of the location, based on which we will decide to dispatch a patrol or, if necessary, call the emergency services and the police.

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What does construction site surveillance include?

  • Wireless video surveillance
  • Control centre support
  • In the case of an alarm, dispatch of a patrol to inspect the premises
  • Technical support and consultations
  • Rental of security equipment for the construction site and changing batteries
  • If necessary, manned guard


How does the service work?


Visiting the site

We visit the site, inspect it, and assess various risks.


We prepare a special site map – a description of the construction site and an action plan for emergencies.

The best solution

We will help you select the best technical surveillance solutions.

Additional protection

If necessary, manned guard is included.

Equipment installation

We install security devices and ensure regular battery changes.


Now, we can monitor the site from the control centre. Rest assured – your property is fully protected!

Manned guard – when should it be used?

Often, construction equipment is left on the site to continue work the next day. In this instance, manned guard is the best option for keeping an eye on your property and reacting in case of a suspected theft or risk of theft.

We have the capacity to help our customers at any time. If you would like our security staff to be on the site, you can order manned guard services.

Our trained security operatives help to resolve conflict situations as well as react and act in emergencies.

If the client would like, we can agree on additional tasks for the security personnel. For example, they can accept deliveries at the site, lock gates, patrol at night, etc.

Why choose construction site surveillance from Forus?

  • We quickly identify the cause of the disturbance.
  • The patrol responds quickly to any alarm and checks the object.
  • 24/7 Forus Control Center Support.
  • All events and activities remain in the database.
  • You can use the service as needed – either for a few days.
  • Installation and maintenance of security devices – all from one service provider.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by one of our experienced sales specialists.


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