A reliable cooperation partner for road constructors for 50 years

Signaal TM, member of Forus Group, is one of the largest traffic management service providers in Estonia. The history of Signaal reaches back half a century.

Partner for road constructors and the Transport Administration

We have been taking care of the traffic light systems of Tallinn for decades.

The daily work of Signaal involves all places where one can move – we ensure temporary traffic management, provide and adjust traffic lights, take care of road markings, and ensure all the traffic signs required.

Signaal adds the final finishing touch to roads with our road markings and traffic signs and are an important partner for road constructors.

We have our own traffic sign manufacturing facilities, which produce thousands of traffic signs and road signs every year. Thus, many of the traffic signs that you see by the road or on city streets come from our factory.

What do we prioritise in our work?

High-quality work and deadlines

We always wish to offer the best and most professional, as well as timely service to our clients.

Best materials

We always wish to use modern and high-quality equipment and materials in our work. This provides longer-lasting outcomes.

Trained staff

It is important for us to regularly train our employees to make sure that they are always acquainted with new technologies and solutions.

Reliable workforce

We only use reliable subcontractors and suppliers in our work and projects.

Ecological footprint

We care about the nature. We try to minimise any harmful environmental impacts every step of the way and pay attention to reducing the amount of waste.

Feedback from clients

We wish to find the most suitable solutions for our clients. We always ask clients to give feedback to our work and take into consideration different suggestions for improvement – all in the name of making our service even more professional.

Signaal TM

Signaal TM was born in the beginning of 1974. Our company has 50 years of experience. We are the largest traffic management service provider in Estonia, serving as an important partner for road constructors as well as state-owned companies. Since 2019, Signaal has been included in the Forus Group.

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