We guarantee proper installation and high-quality devices

Forus as a safety and security company has years of experience in installing and configuring fire safety systems.

Fire safety is essential for any company or organisation. We help to select a correct and compliant fire safety system to ensure your safety. Our specialists comply with legislation in their work and take into consideration your preferences.

We install the following systems: AFAS (automatic fire alarm system), fire safety automation, smoke removal systems, emergency escape lighting systems, etc.

These are vital and relatively complex systems that must be properly installed and configured to ensure reliability.

Installation of fire safety systems – only by competent specialists

Please note that only competent specialists with professional certification may install fire safety systems. The specialists at Forus are valued professionals with extensive experience.

To ensure the best results, we take into account the requests of the client and the peculiarities of the site. We can link solutions tailored to the client with their existing security system.

For us, it is important that you as the owner of the building feel safe. Therefore, we can also provide regular maintenance of the systems. We guarantee high-quality devices and excellent customer experience.

Installation of fire safety systems – how will we reach you?


Ask for an offer

Describe your building and the type of fire safety system you would like to install.

We visit the location

We inspect the building and determine its peculiarities.

Cooperation with the Estonian Rescue Board

We consult with the Estonian Rescue Board before designing and installing a system.

We take into account the peculiarities of the building

We design the system in accordance with legislation and the type of the building.

Installation of the system

Our qualified installer arrives on site and ensures compliant installation.

Testing and training

We test the system in partnership with the Estonian Rescue Board to ensure reliability. We provide training on the proper use of the system.

Our continued support

We will be there for you as a partner and ensure the regular maintenance of the systems as an additional service.