Why would I need a fire and evacuation drill?

Safety and security first! Prevention is essential.

Knowing how to act in case of a fire and use fire safety installations correctly.

A head of a company or an organisation or an individual appointed by them is obligated to organise fire safety training.

Companies or organisations that are required to submit fire safety reports must hold a fire drill at least once a year in accordance with legislation.

Theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient for safe evacuation.

Forus conducts hundreds of trainings and drills a year

All employees of a company or an organisation as well as pupils at schools must know how to act in case of a fire. Therefore, a fire drill should be conducted once a year. A fire drill will ensure that your people know the correct course of action during a fire or a crisis situation.

Our highly qualified fire safety specialists with extensive experience train various companies every week, conducting drills. We carry out hundreds of trainings and drills a year; we have amassed many loyal clients all across Estonia through the decades.

Ask for an offer

Theoretical training and a practical fire drill – which type of premises do we serve?

  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Production facilities and warehouses
  • Educational establishments, including general education schools and kindergartens
  • Shopping centres and retail chains
  • State authorities and public establishments (museums, cultural centres, etc.)
  • Healthcare and care providers, including hospitals, care homes, health centres, outpatient clinics
  • Filling stations, etc.

Which stages belong in a fire and evacuation drill and how will we reach you?


Get in touch

Contact us so we could arrange a time for the fire drill and for inspecting the site.


Inspection of the site and mapping the needs.

The plan

We will prepare a plan (a fire scenario; which persons are informed of the fire drill, etc.).


A theoretical lecture on location or as an e-course.


Evacuation drill as a simulation along with a practical lesson in using a fire extinguisher.

Results and conclusions

After the safety training, we will prepare a written report to the company or organisation.

Theoretical training and a practical fire drill – what is included?

Theoretical part (can be completed as an online course):

  • What is a fire and how does it develop?
  • Threats and consequences of a fire (to people, property, and the environment).
  • Evacuation – how to conduct it safely?
  • Possible causes of fires.
  • Safety and rules of extinguishing a fire.
  • Action in case of a fire (rescue, notification, principles of the use of fire extinguishing equipment).

Practical part:

  • Staging a potential fire scenario.

How fast can we reach a location and the price

Fire and evacuation drill can only be conducted by a fire safety specialist (level 5) or a fire protection expert (level 6).

We recommend that our clients inform us of wanting to conduct a fire drill well ahead of time. From the moment you contact us, we need at least a week to prepare the necessary documentation and inspect the site. The price of the safety training depends on the size, type, and location of the site and the peculiarities thereof. We discuss all details with our clients and proceed based on your requests and needs.

Forus is happy to state that hundreds of organisations and companies all across Estonia have trusted us with conducting fire safety trainings.

Please remember that preventing a fire is always better than putting one out. This applies to all situations in life. We also know that people can be extremely unpredictable and panic in crisis situations.

What are the strengths of the specialists of Forus when ordering a fire and evacuation drill?

  • Our team consists of specialists in this field who have decades of experience in the security sector, rescue services, and the police forces.
  • Experience in providing services to larger and smaller clients – we are familiar with the peculiarities of various companies and organisations.
  • We are fast and flexible.
  • We take an individual approach and consider the wishes and needs of the target group.
  • Clients trust us. Most companies and organisations invite us back after the first training.
  • We can conduct fire safety trainings in any corner of Estonia.
  • Our clients appreciate receiving all security and safety services from the same company.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our certified fire safety specialist.


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