Fire safety risk assessment – why would I need one?

For an enterprise with a major hazard, it is mandatory pursuant to law.

Protecting people and property.

Assessing and mapping the risks.

Confidence – I am aware of the potential risks and know how to prevent them.

Knowing which additional measures to take (surveillance service, etc.).

Important information about your site.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

Invite an expert to assess your risks today – better safe than sorry

A fire safety risk assessment means that our specialists will very carefully assess the circumstances under which a fire may break out in your building or at your company and suggest solutions to alleviate the risks. Risks may arise from careless smoking, electric shocks, hazardous weather conditions, explosions, technical errors of the fire safety systems, or after-crop burning at a distance, among other things.

Pursuant to the Chemicals Act, fire safety risk assessment is mandatory for an enterprise with a major hazard and a dangerous enterprise.

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Fire safety risk assessment – who do we recommend it for?

  • Enterprises with a major hazard (mandatory pursuant to law)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Public buildings (schools and kindergartens, museums, etc.)
  • Medical institutions
  • Warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Construction sites

A fire safety risk assessment includes the assessment of the risks in the indoor and outdoor areas of a building – a fire may start outside of the building, as well.

We do not merely map different situations which may cause a fire, but also make suggestions to our customer for preventing the risks and suggest measures which could be used for this purpose.


Let us find solutions together

Forus has valued and qualified fire safety specialists, who have extensive experience in assessing the risks of large companies as well as public buildings. We can foresee different situations and find solutions for preventing accidents.

When it comes to safety, it is crucial to think about prevention, as accidents may strike at any time. We encounter various risks everywhere. It is important to foresee the risks and assess their severity. You as a building owner or head of a company must ensure that your business is safe and secure. This also includes complying with fire safety requirements.

What does a fire safety risk assessment consist of?


Risk factor and type of the risk

We identify the risks that may endanger your building. For example, after-crop burning at a distance, careless smoking, works involving open flame, lightning strikes, arson, etc.

Description of the risk

All kinds of scenarios which may lead to the potential risk – flammable materials catch fire as a result of smoking, etc.

Security measures in place before the risk assessment

Among other questions: is there a security guard or video surveillance on site? Do the employees know how to act in the case of a fire? Does the building have compliant lightning protection? How often is the lawn mowed outside? Who are authorised to enter the territory?


How high is the probability that someone will smoke carelessly on the territory or that there will be traffic accident nearby?

Extent of the damage

What is the potential damage in the case of each scenario – human lives, material damage, or damage to the environment.

Risk mitigation measures

The assessment involves suggesting what could be done to mitigate different risks (installing surveillance equipment, additional fire safety installations, training people, etc.).


Who are required to conduct the fire safety risk assessment?

Pursuant to the Chemicals Act, risk assessment is a mandatory document for an enterprise with a major hazard or a dangerous enterprise.

Why should I order the assessment if it is not mandatory for me?

Primarily to prevent risks. Business operations involve a lot of different risks. Take care of your people and property and ensure maximum safety in and around your building.

How long will the assessment take?

Conducting a fire safety risk assessment is a thorough process. Our fire safety specialist often needs to visit the site several times.

It usually takes about a month, but has also taken six months in the case of large-scale sites. Everything depends on the peculiarities of your building. Contact us and let us discuss.

Who will conduct the fire safety risk assessment?

The security risk assessment will be conducted by our qualified fire safety expert who holds a professional certificate.

When customers have needed a more detailed assessment of their procedures and equipment, we have also involved our technicians in the security risk assessment. The size of the team depends on the site.

How much does an assessment cost, on average?

The price depends a lot on the type and size of the site and the needs of the customer. Get in touch and we can make you an offer.

Why order a fire safety risk assessment from Forus?

  • Valued and experienced experts who know everything about fire safety.
  • We are thorough and care about your security.
  • Experience with sites of different levels of complexity and risk – we know buildings inside out.
  • A high-quality service.
  • A diverse customer portfolio which includes hospitals, industrial companies, shopping centres, etc.
  • We operate all across Estonia.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of safety services department.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our head of safety services department.

Ahti Kuusk

Head of Safety Services Department

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