Forus launches aviation security services at Tallinn Airport in December

From 1 December, Forus, a company committed to a safe and sustainable environment, will take part in providing aviation security at Tallinn Airport. Forus is responsible for the provision of aviation security services within the perimeter of the airport and security services at the control centre.

Around eighty Forus aviation security officers will be based at the airport, providing, among other things, aviation security and safety in the staff passages of the airport where various transport gateways are located. There, security officers check staff, vehicles, and cargo arriving at the airfield. In addition, Forus will provide patrol services on the airport premises, including the tram terminal. Forus will also be manning the Tallinn Airport control centre, which manages the work of the patrols and passages and is an important part of the airport coordination centre.

According to Kaimar Karuauk, Member of the Board and Head of Manned Security of Forus, aviation security services at Tallinn Airport is definitely a positive development and a challenge for the company. An airport is a facility of national importance and aviation is subject to strict requirements and rules.

It was a big challenge for Forus to find the large amount of qualified people on the labour market and recruit them to the team – all future aviation security officers had to be trained and undergo thorough background checks. ‘It is a great pleasure to say that our meetings with Tallinn Airport have been smooth and pleasant. We are ready for the partnership with Tallinn Airport as well as other parties to ensure the safety and security of people and a pleasant customer service,’ says Kaimar Karuauk.

The Tallinn Airport procurement contract is one of the largest for the company. Forus is a partner to many smaller and larger companies, including large state enterprises such as Eesti Energia and Eesti Raudtee. Every customer is important to Forus.

‘I am extremely pleased that one of the most important infrastructure enterprises in Estonia has chosen us as a partner to ensure the security of the airport and the passengers. We would like to thank Tallinn Airport and its management for their trust,’ said Kalev Reiljan, Chairman of the Management Board of Forus.

Sustainability is very important for Forus. ‘All of our patrol cars at the airport are hybrids and from 2025, we will switch to electric cars. We measure our footprint in the course of our work and invest in environmentally sustainable choices,’ Reiljan added.

Tarvi Pihlakas, Aviation Security Manager of Tallinn Airport, believes the partnership will start off smoothly. ‘Aviation security services have to meet very high expectations and we are confident that together with two of the largest security companies in Estonia, Forus Security AS and AS G4S Eesti, we can contribute to meeting these expectations.’

This spring, Tallinn Airport conducted, for the first time, a two-part procurement of aviation security services. Forus made the best offer to one of them. Forus will start providing aviation security services on 1 December 2023. Forus and Tallinn Airport signed a contract for an initial period of three years. There is a possibility to extend the contract.

AS G4S Eesti, the current partner, will continue to provide passenger aviation security services at the passenger terminal of the airport.

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