Do not wait for the first accident to happen, prevent accidents now

‘Nothing will happen to me’ is a common phrase which we hear very often in our practice. We hear this statement often at Forus, when we carry out fire safety inspections, maintain technical equipment, or organise trainings or drills, for example.

Of course, we all hope that nothing will happen, but based on our experience, something can always go wrong.

We can draw up a comprehensive risk assessment for you so you can minimise different risks in your business operations. In simple terms, a risk assessment means the assessment of different risks and suggesting measures for preventing accidents.

There are many potential scenarios and different risks. They begin outside of the building. We advise all authorities to prepare a risk assessment to prevent accidents.

Risk assessment – what do I need to know about it?

Pursuant to the Chemicals Act, risk assessment is a mandatory document for an enterprise with a major hazard and a dangerous enterprise.

Public events

The rules of organising different entertainment and sports events prescribe drawing up a risk assessment and security plan.

Requirements for the individual conducting the risk assessment

Risk assessments may only be conducted by qualified specialists who hold the highest professional standard (level 5) of a security manager. Forus has the required competence and valued experts.

Some examples of the risks involved in business operations that should be assessed

  • Fire, arson, or another fire-related accident.
  • Work-related accidents on site.
  • Vandalism, break-in, or robbery.
  • Extreme weather events.
  • Overheating of the technology at events.
  • Security of the neighbourhood.
  • Impacts of the business operations on surrounding objects or the environment.

Risk assessment – little moves make a difference

We often see in our practice obstacles on escape routes in buildings or flammable materials stored too close to buildings, for example. It is not difficult for the owner to eliminate these shortcomings.

Did you know that even those suggestions for improvement which seem small at first glance may often significantly mitigate the risks – getting additional fire extinguishers, installing supplementary lights or surveillance equipment, etc.

Order your risk assessment from a competent company like Forus.

What are the steps of risk assessment?


Collecting information

We will visit the site and assess the risks in the outdoor and indoor areas. We often make several visits to the site to avoid missing any details.

Identifying potential accidents

When we have mapped the information and familiarised ourselves with your business operations, we will be able to assess the probability of different accidents on the basis of our experience.

Determining probabilities

Final risk assessments are found by multiplying the risk impact with its probability. For example, if it is probable that an accident may occur once a month and would result in an interruption in the business operations or an injury, the risk is of the highest level.

Assessing the consequences

For each risk, it is necessary to think carefully which consequences it could bring in the worst-case scenario.

Prioritising the risks

Having inspected the site, our experts will assess how frequently one accident or another may occur.

Mapping preventive measures

For each risk, we will make suggestions for preventing the risk. For example, adding lights, replacing systems, etc.

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