On 2021, the amendment to the Fire Safety Act entered into force

On March 1 2021, the amendment to the Fire Safety Act entered into force. We would like to point out the most important changes to the law that may affect you.

The act contains a list of mandatory fire safety services that can only be provided by persons holding level 5 professional certificate of a fire safety specialist or level 6 professional certificate of a fire safety expert.

These services are:

  • Preparation of fire safety self-inspection reports;
  • Conduct of evacuation training drills and fire training drills;
  • Preparation of plans of action for events of a fire;
  • Conduct of fire safety trainings;
  • Conduct of trainings for works involving open flame;
  • Conduct of fire safety inspections.

The existence of the required professional certificate can be checked on the website of the KutsekodaFire safety service providers must also enter fire safety specialists in the Register of Economic Activities (MTR).

All providers of fire safety services at Forus Security hold level 5 professional certificates of fire safety specialist and have also been entered in the MTR by the required deadline. Some companies that so far have been required to prepare an annual fire safety self-inspection report are now required to carry out a fire safety inspection once every three years. The requirements for conducting a fire safety inspection are provided in the Fire Safety Act.

The fire safety inspection must be carried out:

  • In an office building with an area of more than 750 m2;
  • In an industrial and warehouse building with an area of more than 1000 m2;
  • In a garage with an area of more than 1000 m2.

Forus Security fire safety specialists are competent to conduct fire safety inspections on your objects. Be sure to buy a fire extinguisher in addition to a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, which you can also conveniently order directly from your home or office.

We will be happy to answer all questions related to the amendment of the Fire Safety Act.

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