Hinnakirja muudatus

Alates 1. oktoobrist 2022 kehtivad tehnilise ja mehitatud valve teenustele, lisateenustele ja turvateenuseid puudutavatele tehnilistele töödele uued hinnad.

Tondi and Karulaugu sports centers now operate under the Forus brand

Sports and recreation facilities in Tondi and Viimsi will operate under the name FORUS Sports Center.

Spruce forest planting day

The leaf motif on the Forus’ logo symbolises freshness, growth and a new approach. We reflect the same values in our operations and try to give back to nature however possible.


Let’s take care of our wonderful nurses and caregivers! The Forus group and several group leaders individually have also contributed to the PAI campaign. 

We moved in together!

Since we are now a family, we decided to move our offices together. This way we can offer you an improved and better service. Forus Security offices were united all over Estonia - in Tallinn and in other cities. The address of the Forus Haldus office remains the same.

On March 1, 2021, the amendment to the Fire Safety Act entered into force

Toome välja olulisemad muudatused seaduses, mis võivad puudutada ka Teid. 


The USS Group companies providing surveillance and security services USS Security Eesti and Securitas Eesti and the real estate management company Ermeesia will begin operating under a single brand FORUS, which will offer a comprehensive solution for real estate services – maintenance, management, and security.