Forus is a key partner in ensuring that the technical systems at the Kurna Park work flawlessly

Kurna Park – the first commercial park in Estonia by concept – was opened near Tallinn at the end of August. Forus is proud to partner with the park in making sure that the building’s technical systems are in working order and people feel good there.

The total sales area of Kurna Park is 20,000 square metres. Forus is responsible for ensuring the reliability of the technical and security systems of the entire retail park. This includes the correct and timely maintenance of heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment. In addition, we take care of the sewerage and water supply and ensure the functioning of the low- and high-voltage systems. We are also responsible for the proper functioning of fire safety and security systems.

Even though the building of the Kurna Park is a single centre, but what makes it special is that all shops have separate entrances and are accessible directly from the parking lot.

Maintenance of technical systems

Kurna Park is an important object for Forus. Before the building was opened to visitors a few weeks ago, maintenance technicians went to check whether the utility systems, especially the ventilation, heating, and sewerage systems, were working properly.

‘The builder handed the building over to the client for use, but we also set up systems and worked on optimisation and fine-tuning to ensure that everything would be in perfect condition for the first customers,’ said Christofer Kerdt, a maintenance supervisor at Forus, who is the technical support and daily contact person for the Kurna Park.

The maintenance of different equipment is carried out in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer. Forus uses a digital maintenance diary in its work, which means that the devices in the technical system of the Kurna Park have QR codes on them, which gives access to the equipment’s maintenance and repair history at any time. Every device has its own digital care diary – just like people in Estonia have their own digital health records. The owner of the building has access to it at all times.

Forus can check the parameters and condition of the retail park’s systems through the automated building systems – the BMS (building management system). This is a remote management program which makes it possible to remotely adjust various technical parameters of a building, such as temperature, heating, ventilation parameters, etc.

In addition, the control centre at Forus is always ready to react to any problems that may arise – be it stalled technical systems or fire safety devices registering an alarm.

Always there as a partner

The correct functioning of the systems is best understood after the building has already been in use for some time, i.e. for an annual cycle. For example, rain- and snowfall and temperature changes provide a good indication of whether all systems work. The settings can be adjusted, should there be any concerns.

As Forus maintains the technical systems of the entire building, it is necessary to be aware of the inner workings of every store and be present as a partner if, for example, there is not enough air in some stores or the equipment does not work impeccably.

Speaking from his experience, Christofer Kerdt knows that, in the case of both newer and older buildings, equipment maintenance often exposes deviations that were not apparent when the building first started operating. ‘For example, some systems may not be built correctly and are difficult to maintain. This can lead to additional costs,’ he explains.

Thus, in addition to regular maintenance, Forus is an important partner for the owner in planning and carrying out necessary repair and improvement works, reconstruction, setting modifications, etc. according to the customer’s requests.

The life span of the systems will suffer if their maintenance is impaired and cannot be carried out in full. Technical equipment is very expensive. ‘It is often easier to make an investment of a few thousand euros than to pay hundreds of thousands for replacing equipment afterwards. This is ultimately in the interest of the owner of the property as well,’ Kerdt says.

Technical systems help to create a suitable microclimate in the building, and properly maintained and configured systems are essential for the functioning of the building. The most important objectives of maintenance are to respond early, prevent problems, and ensure the long-term and correct functioning of the systems. Regular and proper maintenance prevents higher and unexpected costs and extends the life span of the equipment.

Kurna Park opened at the end of August this year. The biggest tenants are Selver, Decathlon, Sportland and Nike, Baby City/Toy City selling children’s goods, clothing and fashion labels Sinsay and Takko, fashion and interior design seller Pepco, and interior design seller AlanDeko.

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