The most common questions clients ask Forus when planning window washing

We at Forus work daily to make sure our customers’ windows sparkle with cleanliness and that the great results can be enjoyed for a long time. Cleanliness is always an emotion, which we at Forus offer to our clients on a daily basis.

Tarvo Priimägi, Head of the cleaning business line of Forus, who has long-term experience in the cleaning industry, answers questions our clients often ask us when planning window washing.


How often should windows be washed and how to recognise the right time for it?

Often, the arrival of the first sunshine shows the condition of the windows. The keyword here is sun.

The frequency for washing windows depends on how dirty they are, but a couple of times a year is enough – in spring/summer and autumn. If we deep clean in the spring or summer, the windows are usually dirty again by autumn and need washing (due to pollen, normal dust, dirtiness caused by birds and insects).

If an office building has a glass vestibule near the entrance of the ground floor of the client area, it should be cleaned once a month because it gets dirty faster.

Is there bad weather for washing windows?

Washing glass surfaces is somewhat more complicated on a sunny day, because the sun’s rays dry the water or cleaning fluid too quickly and some stains and streaks may remain on the glass. It is also not wise to wash windows when the air temperature is lower than 5 degrees.

Why is it important that I have trained professionals regularly wash the windows of my building?

Cleanliness is always an emotion. Clean real estate and windows create an image of you as a partner and of you as an employer. Let us create a positive emotion together.

Does Forus wash windows on high-rise buildings?

Forus washes windows and panes on the ground floor as well as, if necessary, on the 50th floor. Our trained staff can clean all surfaces.

We use modern tools such as telescopic systems and climb altitudes just like mountaineers. Additionally, we work off of lifts as well as platforms attached to the buildings.

How long does it take to wash the windows of an average office building and what does it depend on?

This varies greatly and as such is impossible to answer. It depends on the complexity of the site, the weather, etc. The estimated time for completing the works must be calculated individually for each site.

How do you keep your windows clean for as long as possible? Is there anything I can do to maintain the beautiful result for longer?

There are different substances on the market that create a certain protective layer on glass. However, washing should still be done at a sufficient frequency, as the windows get dirty pretty quickly in our climate.

What should I do and where should I go if I want to order window cleaning from Forus for my office building or commercial premises?

Contact us via the order form on our website here. We will then send you a questionnaire on what additional info we need. As a rule, we always meet with the client on site, where we do an inspection together and make plans for the work.

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