Our security company USS Latvia became Forus Security

We are pleased to announce that our Latvian security company, which so far operated under the name USS Latvia, has been renamed to Forus Security. The name Forus is already familiar to Latvians from last summer, when we started offering taxi services via the Forus Taxi platform.

Forus Security has approximately 4,000 customers in Latvia, including both private and business customers. The company provides security services to well-known major players, such as the Spice shopping centre, the Lidl retail network, Latvenergo, the mobile network operator Bite, the insurance company ERGO, Coca-Cola, and so on.

Jānis Ābele, who has approximately 20 years of experience in the security sector, became the new head of Forus Security in May 2023.

Ābele has already initiated several important innovative projects and changes at Forus Latvia, which have had a positive impact on the company. According to Ābele, the security services sector in Latvia has been stunted in its development for about 20 years, which needs to change. This requires investing in modern technologies and providing high-quality services that will benefit the entire industry in the long term.

In addition to security services, Forus is present in Latvia with its taxi platform. There are more than 300 cars driving in the colours of Forus in Riga as well as more than 800 taxis in Lithuania. This spring, Forus bought the largest car sharing platform in the Baltics, and we also offer a joint car rental service in Latvia.

‘In Latvia, we have successfully offered ride-sharing services for a year, introduced more competition into the field, and created a completely new community-based business model,’ says Jüri Teemant, Member of the Management Board of Forus. He adds that, spurred by this success, they also entered the field of security and safety services under the name Forus.

‘We believe that consolidating under the name Forus in Latvia and providing various services will give us new synergies and opportunities to offer our customers a unique service,’ Teemant says, delighted.

Today, Forus operates in five different but closely related fields – taxis and ride sharing, security and safety services, property management and maintenance, general maintenance, and construction.

The long-term business development goal of Forus is to become a unique international service provider, not only in the security and transport sector, but also by including other types of services under a single company brand.

Forus Security has been operating in the Latvian market under different names and companies for 28 years – at first, as Avelat Sargs from 1994 to 2012, and then under the brand name of Securitas, the world’s largest security group. It was named USS Latvia after USS acquired the company in 2021.

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