Forus supports the Estonian Olympic Committee at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Forus has been a partner to the Estonian Olympic Committee  for six years now. We are especially proud of the athletes’ achievements at this year’s Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are a little different than usual – competitors have been waiting for these Games for a year longer than they should have, the audience can see the athletes performing only through a TV screen because unfortunately no spectators are allowed on site, and the rules for participants are also extremely strict due to the COVID-19 virus.

For athletes, despite the global situation, it’s an important stage and sports party like always – for some it’s their first ever, for others it’s their very last; some are in the best shape of their lives, some exceed the current achievements of the world’s best. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all Estonian athletes in that most awesome arena!

We take care of our top athletes, and we care for the emotions that they bring to the Estonian people with their achievements!

Forus shares the values and determination of wrestler Epp Mägi

At Forus, we are keeping our fingers crossed for all Estonian representatives at the Olympics, but we share the most values with wrestler Epp Mägi. Epp has said that she is driven primarily by strength and determination. At Forus, too, we value determination, keep our goals in mind every day, and feel how the power of unity takes us far.

We wish Epp a safe journey to the Olympics and back home and cheer her along at every competition!

Epp, you’re more than a match for everyone!

Epp will enter the competition on 1 August. You can see a detailed programme of the Estonians’ performances in the Olympic Games programme.  

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