Security risk assessment – why would I need one?

Protecting people and property.

Assessing hazards and mapping security risks.

Risk mitigation and prevention of accidents (including occupational accidents).

Reassurance – are my people properly trained and the technical equipment good enough?

Important information about your site.

Mandatory for enterprises with a major hazard.

Do and what risks does my activity entail?

Forus has decades of experience in the surveillance of properties with different levels of complexity and risk, risk assessment, and developing security solutions.

When building commercial premises as the owner or later, in the course of using a building or warehouse premises, you need to think about what certain activities may result in and what may not go as you have planned. How to foresee unexpected situations? Which risks may arise from the activities of my company and is there any criminal activity or are there any hazardous sites in my area or in the vicinity of my building?

Forus is here to help with our extensive knowledge.

The assessment of security risks means that we will assess the security of your property and make

suggestions for improvement. Pursuant to the Chemicals Act, risk assessment is a mandatory document for an enterprise with a major hazard and a dangerous enterprise.

We draw up the assessment and make suggestions on the basis of our extensive experience and legal requirements.

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Security risk assessment – who do we recommend it to?

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Public buildings (schools and kindergartens, community centres, etc.)
  • Medical institutions
  • Warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Enterprises with a major hazard (mandatory)
  • Construction sites

We test the security of properties on the basis of the wishes and needs of the customer – we play out different scenarios and involve so-called ‘actors’ to perform real life scenes. This allows to assess whether or not the employees have received sufficient training and are able to assess risks.

What can you do to mitigate risks in your building?


Installation or upgrading of surveillance equipment. If necessary, you can also involve a security guard, who will keep an eye on the territory.

Proper routine maintenance of the equipment

Technical equipment must be functional and properly maintained – otherwise, they will not serve their purpose and may cause accidents.

Inspection of fire safety installations

Strict rules apply to fire safety. As the owner of a building, you have a legal obligation to maintain fire safety installations properly.


Your people must know how to act and evacuate in the event of a fire.

Construction of fences and barriers and landscaping

You as the owner of a building can make sure that no unwelcome visitors can enter your property.

Construction of façade lighting

Additional lighting solutions are always useful for ensuring your safety and security.


Who are required to undertake a security risk assessment?

Pursuant to the Cfeatuhemicals Act, risk assessment is a mandatory document for an enterprise with a major hazard or a dangerous enterprise. The rules of organising different entertainment and sports events also require you to draw up a risk assessment and security plan.

How do I know if I need a security risk assessment?

You need it if you are the manager of a public building or if you own an office building or a warehouse. It is mandatory for you if the activity of your company involves the risk of a larger-scale accident.

How long will the security risk assessment take?

Risk assessment is a long process and requires at least a few visits to the property.

It usually takes about a month, but has also taken six months in the case of large-scale sites. Contact us and let us discuss everything on the basis of the peculiarities of your property.

How many people from Forus are involved in the assessment?

The security risk assessment will be conducted by an individual with the professional certificate of a security officer, i.e. by a security guard with a level 5 professional standard.

The size of the team depends on the site. When customers have needed a more detailed assessment of their procedures and equipment, we have also involved technicians with professional certification in the security risk assessment.

We can also involve access control technicians, who are familiar with access control equipment. Occasionally, we must also involve fire safety experts, if we notice that the construction side of the property requires an expert assessment.

We will put together our team on the basis of an agreement with the customer and taking into consideration the wishes and needs of the customer.

How much does the security risk assessment cost, on average?

The average cost of the risk assessment is under 3,000 euros (for example in the event of a building with the surface area of a few thousand square metres).

In the case of a large building covering an extensive area, the cost of the analysis may amount to 12,000 euros. Everything depends on the type of the building and the needs of the customer.

In the case of different sports and entertainment events, the cost of the service is usually included in the cost of the manned guard service.

Why order security risk assessment from Forus?

  • We are very thorough and customer-focused in our work.
  • Experience with sites of different levels of complexity and risk – we know buildings inside out.
  • We operate all across Estonia.
  • Extensive experience and unwavering quality.
  • A reliable and well-known brand.
  • A diverse customer portfolio which includes hospitals, industrial companies, shopping centres, etc.

Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. 


Get in touch! You will be contacted by our experienced sales specialist. 


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